Ammo/component shortage or price spike?

No worries but dont be shy if you really need it, just yell out. Nothing worse than being let down by shitty ammo

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The prodjy shortage has me concerned. Hope some show up or I will have to try my luck with the outer edge monolithics.

@MaxJon whispering - have you considered casting? :rofl:

For the whelen I have considered it. At $63 for 50 they would be worth the lead exposure.

If you get stuck sing out mate i managed to get a few cases of both the long range and long range plus today .if thats what you use


Mmmmm, this aged well!

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I haven’t seen BR4s for ages, last time I bought some they were $10/100.
Saw some at the local 2 weeks ago, he only had 6 packs of 100 and they were $30.

Small rifle primers $162 / 1000 at my local now.

Ok, that’s um, fucked.

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I bought a packet of PPU 357 magnum yesterday…if they function in the Martini, i think i will clean the LGS out.

If they function? Lol more like if your bubba gun shoots :joy:

The barrel is pretty good…cant see why not. I need to blow a crow to bits with them!

Have you got a 310cadet?

I’ve got some of that stuff stashed away in 357, I tried a few boxes of it and it’s a touch more smokey/dirty than Federal American Eagle but other than that it’s all good. If the price is right it’s a win!

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I do indeed.

Thats ok then, i was a bit worried about you…

So fuck it. I’m officially ‘that guy’. I buy what I can when I can. The end. This slim picking crap got me worried.


The going thing to do is to sell it for 3 times as much in about a month once you bought it.

I’ll probably start grabbing a bit extra here and there. Pretty sure there isn’t a thing as too much 9mm ammo.

But then what use is the money if you can’t shoot it? I know what I said! It makes sense.

Damn logic