all Pistol Clubs in the NT, all Cat H licenses are invalid

Get this: Until NT police receive written confirmation from all Pistol Clubs in the NT, all Cat H licenses are invalid and all transactions and paperwork involving Cat H is suspended.

Which is why I haven’t got my 44 Mag yet $&@^#!

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How? What? Why?

But let’s be honest with the loads you run you should just use a .22, it’ll be the same :rofl:

But seriously what is going on?

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Literally all Cat H liceses are currently invalid becuase the policy unit hasn’t received a written letter from the club for each member stating they have done a safety course. So all transactions in the system for Cat H and Cat C stuff is on hold.

But don’t you have to supply your safety course certificate when you apply for your license? This all seems a bit suss to me, sounds like some fuckery is underfoot.

So does that mean no shooting at the club either?

Ihope you went straight to the police station and turned yourself in for illegally possessing the pistol that you legally possess!


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You cant trick me into saying that "

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Saying what, @sungazer ?

Making any age related comments :innocent:

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Are you saying ALL club Cat H licences in the NT are invalid until every. single. club in the territory sends in the paperwork (even if the holder is a member of a club that’s got a safety course approval), or that until a particular club gets its paperwork/safety course sorted out, all its members’ licences are invalid?

No, not in the Northern Territory for Cat A and Cat B, but in the legislation since 1997, there has been a requirement for a safety course “approved by the commissioner” (who is not a firearms safety expert, or qualified in firearms safety) as per section 15 B (b) as satisfactorily completed an approved firearm safety training course (Whereby “approved” means approved by the Comissioner (Part 1, 3 Firearms Act 1997 Northern Territory)

At present, when you join a pistol club, they obviously train you in a “safety course” which is basically theory for 2 hours and then hit the air pistol hall and get your card signed. Not good enough for the Commissioner now, because he (having no expertise or knowledge of gun safety) hasn’t approved it in writing.


It should. It could. It should and also could mean the idiot cops iussuing gun licences did so illegally and should face charges. You can tell how this is going to go. They will let enough of it slide to keep themselves out of the shit. All our purchase permits are on hold, but we will all be shooting this Saturday and Sunday.


You shut your god damn piehole!

Im not , the Firearms Policy Records Unit has said so in a letter to pistol clubs as far as any approvals, paperwork, new licenses, permits etc…see they are cunning. They wont say “You have illegal guns in your posession” because they are the dickheads that issued us the licenses and the permits.

None of them are gun safety experts.
Nones of them know about gun safety courses.
They want an ‘approved by the commissioner’ gun safety course to be completed but dont know what theat entails
They want to be in control but don’t know what that looks like.

So we can give them the IPSC Holster Proficeiencey Courses which are obviously safety courses, and that covers 80 % of our membership.
We could give them a certificate for every member and that would cover it because they dont know what a safety course entails.

When our club chiefs ask them “What do you want?” the cops literally dont have the first inkling of a clue. They dont know. They want something they asume exists, they dont know what it is or what it looks like or what it entails.

We are starting to get the shits.

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So what you are saying is that NT handgun shooters are currently, in the eyes of NT Police, unlicenced, because licenses have been issued without the right safety certificate?

I can just see @ShootersUnion media person right now:
ลับมีด หึหึ เดี๋ยวโดน GIF - SharpenKnife SharpeningKnife ...

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Yeah, imagine if they charged the police officer who issued the illegal licenses and permits, but I guess cops can plead ignorance. :roll_eyes: