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G’day @danmac. Mate I have just tried to search up some data out of interest sake on the 300 Whisper. I have a 300AAC and thought there was very little difference between the two. Just interested to see if there is a difference in ballistics. Was the Whisper around prior to the 300AAC mate? Interesting why the blackout is quite successful and the Whisper is not that common. Tried searching the net mate however I am a computer retard. Cheers mate.
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Out of curiosity mate, is there any particular reason you went for the Whisper over the blackout?
I see that Whisper have a fair few wildcats available. Quite interesting.

No real reason, barrel was chambered before AAC “stole” the concept ,…and I just like poking fun at folks that haven’t done much research and think that they have just gotten the “latest and greatest”. :wink: ( Tongue-in-cheek, not having a go at anyone in particular, we really need a sarcasm emoji )
They are basically identical. The Whisper was originally a proprietary cartridge designed by J D Jones of SSK Industries based on a .221 Fireball case necked up to .308 cal. Originally intended to fire heavy for caliber, ballistically efficient bullets at sub-sonic speeds in suppressed firearms. An added bonus was that it also worked well with velocities above 1160 f/s.
AAC took Jones’ cartridge design, standardised the case specs and submitted it to SAAMI. Their intent was to commercialise the cartridge as a .30 cal for use in AR type rifles. No need to change bolt head or magazine sizing.
Mine is in a 461 Sako that I have three barrels for, .221 Fireball, 7mmTCU and the Whisper.


Ahhh thanks for the info mate. I can now understand why the AAC is more popular. :+1:t2:

Any other 300AAC shooters on here? I use mine for close range pigs, interested in hearing peoples thoughts.

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The 300 Whisper was popular in pistol silhouette long before AAC registered their copy. It knocks down the 200m rams with authority.
I’ve used mine for goats with very good results, mind you, I use cast 170gr bullets. It was originally built by a mate in Tassie to try on rifle silhouette. The 500m rams proved to be a problem with both getting enough elevation in a scope to get to out there and knock-down was a bit “iffy”.
You need at least 1000ft/lb of retained energy for reliable results on them.
We did a trade and I just use it for shits and giggles mainly, the rifle usually has the .221 Fireball barrel in it for 'roo culling and foxes.

Yep I love my little blackout. I have a cheap one in the Ruger American Ranch. Great for off the quad or Ute for short range stuff. In saying that I have taken a nice boar at 200 with it. Wouldn’t stretch it that far normally however everything was in my favour, and yeah it was a one shot kill.
I generally use 125 SST out of it which proves devastating on hogs. Have just trialled a load with the 130 Speer hollow points. Nice and accurate, will see how it goes on the pigs next trip. I just got it for shits and giggles as you did however now find it being my go to for pig chasing.