Adler B220 has come leaps and bounds

Just thought I’d share my new Adler B220 as a first post, I tossed and turned between this and the Berika ext12 not to discredit Berika but I’m glad I ended up choosing the Adler. The Super slick action and the fit and finish has came leaps and bounds from the A110 for a very good price point. We will be manufacturing aftermarket accessories for the Adler SP line in the future, we have a few prototype parts all ready on the work bench.



Are you guys going to have similar for B230?

We really are working hard to make our accessories compatible across the whole platform B220- B230 etc such a shame that a lot of things are not made for the B230 I’ll post up some teasers when we are a bit closer. Were also looking at sending some beta stuff out for testing also😁


Be sure to let us know when they’re ready for sale, i’ll buy one of those stocks.

@DJAGR_ARMS any Berika Black Ops bits in the works mate?

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Will eventually go down that route, and would have already started working on that but I missed the Berika train because of covid earlier in the year. But I can wait to get my hands on one to base parts off of. @bentaz What are some of the things you would like to see as I think the way the Berika is engineered it will lend itself well to modularity.

A rifled choke would make me very happy.

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I’ll definitely look into that, do they run Mobil choke system do you know?

I know nothing about chokes, lol, I have 40 something shotguns but none have removable chokes.
This is actually only the 2nd new gun I’ve ever bought.

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thats gold, 2nd hand guns need love too mate. ill look into it and call EOS tomorrow! it sounds like i might be able make short run of anyway if they are the mobil choke system. that system is pretty standard across most modern Turkish shotguns.


Hell yeah, that would be sick!

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Just incase anyone else is wondering Berika use Winchester chokes which was shock to me

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So happy finally got out to run some more tests today which was awesome, after after a fun day ended up putting a shit ton down the tube, alot of stout slug hanloads and and factory buckshot
which is a beautiful thing because after a work accident and a shoulder reco a few years ago I lost enjoyment of shooting 12g. I won’t let the cat out of the bag but this buttstock makes shotgun for me great again. And also the Adler hates REM high wall cartridges seem suffer hard extraction :sleepy:

Mmm but if you pay attention to the notches on the buffer :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I’ll be very interested to learn more about that stock.

@DJAGR_ARMS any updates on either the spring stock or rifled chokes mate?