Adjusting for Windage on Iron Sights

The manual for my new rifle basically directs the user to tap on it with a brass rod in the desired direction.

I’m guessing the same could be achieved with a bit of soft wood? Anything that’s soft enough to not mark the gun?

Also, does anyone have any recommended videos on sighting on your rifle? I’ve always been a monkey see, monkey do kind of guy, and a visual guide would be a massive help.

Move the front post towards the bullet hole.
If it’s shooting right , move the front post to the right.
If it’s rear adjustable it’s opposite.

Front post adjust towards bullet hole.
Rear sight adjust away from bullet hole.

You can buy cheap brass punch sets off eBay. A worthy investment for firearms ownership.

It really depends how tight the sight is, regarding using other things besides a brass punch.
Use hardwood at least. Soft wood will just dent and splinter.

Can be a bit confusing. Lol

to answer the “wood” question, no, you will need a brass punch and you will mark the sight. This is the nature of adjusting iron sights. You could try using electrical tape, to minimize marking, but you will mark them. Although, I am sure you haven’t been at Lt River yet and Springvale is a 50m range, you do not want to do that. You need to setup at 25m. Get it spot on and then move out. Don’t start sighting your 22 at 50m.

Of course, you could just buy a scope. Leupold rimfire scopes are excellent. And another 22 with open sights if you want to shoot both. Personally, I’d just chuck a scope on it. Shooting with iron sights is definitely something you want to learn, but really, one thing at a time. If you pop a scope on it 3-9 or 3-12 is all you need.

Looks likes I need to do some shopping tomorrow for brass punches, and make a trip out to Lt River.

Is it just too difficult to start at 50m? I was told by the store that it should be able to get on paper at that distance, though I think I might ask for further advice when I’m in store tomorrow.

25m to start , just to see where you are at.

Another vote for starting at 25

Yes, i see now its nneeww. A copper punch would also be ok. A 3" nail, but yes, likely leave marks.
Yep, scope would be heaps better, or half decent adjustable peep sight.

Spoke to the gun shop people. Apparently the Rugers from factory should be able to get on the paper at 50m.

Might leave it till next weekend. Brass punches should arrive by then, and I should have time to make the drive.

So you actually haven’t shot it?

Nope. Was in Lakes Entrance most of this week.

Factory sights will shoot fine, don’t fuck with them. You will always need to hold over with iron sights. Just the nature of the mechanism (when fine adjustments involve a hammer and a punch). Don’t touch them, they are fine. Also, if you do want to drift them, which you shouldn’t, don’t listen to @Oldbloke and don’t use anything other than brass punch, unless you want to damage your toy.

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So elevation is pretty much the only thing worth adjusting?

Perhaps you need to reread what I wrote.

Ahh, TY. No touchy at all.

A few shots at 25m will confirm you are hitting where you need to. But that factors in me using Milsurps, some are wildly out of wack. But personally, I like a few at 25m to give me an idea where it’s shooting rather than waste ammo chasing bullet splashes that could be going FK knows where.

Copper is fine. @juststarting re-read my post

Yeah, sorry, yes, likely would leave marks.


And you’re welcome.