Adjusting for Windage on Iron Sights

Alrighty managed to find some time to go shoot my new Ruger.

  1. You guys are definitely right that scopes were the way to go. Trying to shoot 50 m was an exercise in eyesight. Also, the open sights were shooting low and to the left.

  2. The rifle also has a weird feeding problem. Basically the front end of the magazine drops out ever so slightly, but it means that it doesn’t feed, with the round catching on the rim of the chamber. I think I need to take it back to the dealer.

It’s brand new. Take it back.

@Tempestman is it the rotary mag that you have?
I did watch some YouTube reviews on a Ruger (can’t remember which model/calibre) but it had the same issues. What they found was the new magazines are a Mickey hairs different and cause the front ( or the back lol, again can’t remember) of the mag to drop and caused a miss feed.
Older mags didn’t have that problem. Try inserting the magazine and then push it backwards towards the trigger.

Yeah, it’s a Ruger rotary.

That might fix it, though I think I’m going to take it back to the dealer anyway, and see what they think.

Take it back, it’s a brand new gun. It’s irrelevant what the dealer thinks. Item does not function as expected or advertised and you are entitled to a replacement. In fact, they will probably say that they would like to send it for inspection and what you should say (look into statutory warranty) - when problem is diagnosed, you’d like a replacement (you are entitled to one), not a fix, because it’s a brand new item.

Im sure I bought a set of iron sights once, and they came with a Delrin punch for adjusting.

Just saw the dealer about the issue. Was apparently something wrong with the stock, so they’ve swapped in a new stock on it.

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