ADI powders update (bad news)

(some ranting in Reddit thread too,

This is going to be fun. And not just for pistol shooters… If you load for 44, 357, etc. And 2205 is out of production and rest are paused or ceased or… Anyhow… Grumpy.

@Brett you’re usually in tune with these things, got any updates?

ADI have let us down again. No more Winchester powder, no more Vihtavouri powder, no more ADI powder, that leaves only Alliant powder and the pistol community at the mercy of NIOA trading who now has the monopoly on the pistol powder market, lets hope that they don’t screw us over. Wonder if the Chinese make pistol powders?

That’s shit.
They better get it sorted before I run out of AP70 in a few years time.


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@ShootersUnion nice to see you guys are posting about ADI… Seriously not good enough. Would love to see more follow up from you guys. As it stands, right now they will single handedly kill pistol shooting in Australia over the next 24 months.

There will definitely be more follow up. We are really, really not impressed at all, but need to get the facts before we start really ramping things up.

There’s definitely a few people out there who don’t seem to realise how serious this situation is.

If humidity is an issue then they should have built the new plant in W.A

We are not even a drop in their revenue stream. Defence contracts and large scale export is where the money is. Like with every other company, we are now an inconvenience and no longer required - LAFO meet bus.

None of that is new. The new APS powders were never going to work. If you look at ADI data tables, how can something “new and modern” generate more pressure and produce lower velocity? Those powders were never going to work.

Like everyone else, they screwed us.

Meet the new face of Australian gun control, don’t think for a second that rifle powders won’t be next. After that sales, from ADI will be to military and defence contracts only, no civilian sales applicable. Shooters Union needs to forget pursuing ADI and concentrate on the restrictions surround the importation and distribution of alternative brands of powder, many new companies are popping up overseas which could be a viable alternative if restrictions are eased.

Winchester, via NIOA, are going to be the major supplier for the defence force as part of the land 159 program. ADI may still supply some component of it as im not sure if the full extent NIOA are supplying.

Interesting… It could be bad it could be good. Good because perhaps we matter, bad because they will be focusing on other defence contracts.

If NIOA were smart and truly cared about their civilian market then they would start reimporting Winchester powder again. Lets hope with them being busy with the military supply contracts that they don’t drop the ball with Alliant powders and screw us totally.

The issue, as we understand it, isn’t legislative restrictions on importing the powder, but simply the high cost of Dangerous Goods shipping from overseas and the storage requirements necessary to keep very large quantities of powder secure once they arrive in the country.

From what we gather, the main obstacle is simply economic, along with the fact there’s such a backlog of demand for powders that it could be quite some time before a commercially useful quantity from a “new” supplier could be imported (although that’s not an impediment to someone getting the ball rolling now anyway).

Can you tell us a bit more about these “other brands” popping up on the market? The research we’ve done so far indicates the only commercial brands at the moment are ADI, Alliant, Winchester, Hodgdon/IMR (who own Accurate and Ramshot as well), Norma, Vihtavouri and Nobel Sport.

FFS! Its a propellant, not an explosive. Do we not import all kinds of dangerous flammables into Australia already? These goods classifications laws are insane. There’s a ship that leaves our Darwin harbor every few weeks carrying enough LNG that if it exploded would level the coastal properties in town and most of the CBD as it passes by.

The vessel pictured is called Quattro Booba.

Shooters World

Also some of the European manufacturers might be viable like Nobel, Vectan and Lovex

Not too mention the shit that comes into ports from overseas or the countless road trains that we have in the West carting nitrate etc along the roads to the various mine sites.

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No-one said the regulations made any sense, unfortunately. Ammunition is still classed as “Dangerous Goods” despite it being pretty conclusively proven that it can’t cause injury when not loaded in a gun, even if it cooks off in a fire: Sporting Ammunition and the Fire Fighter: What Happens When Ammo Burns? - SAAMI - YouTube

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more, now it’s no longer the weather or the moisture or the… It’s just the capacity.

rolls eyes

Arrangements with others, more eye rolls - not going to be cheap.

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I see cleavers sent out an email saying get it while you can as this is the last of their stock until who knows when.

I’ll just leave this link here, feel free to form your own opinions.

Australian Munitions