A22R becoming Cat C in NT

Apparently Linear Repeating firearms have been reclassified in the NT.

So the A22R has become a Cat C.

Source from /r/AusGuns

Letter from NT Police

Oh my

Do you think it’s likely that other states would follow?

I bet that they would like too.
I notice no mention of shotguns or are the considered centrefires?

Unfortunately I think this was more or less predictable and inevitable

Interesting on few fronts, one, police making decisions… And wonder if that is challengeable, guessing dealers or importers might, in court, since it had to go through the police at the start.

@1Fatman is Verney-Carron rifle legal in WA?

…and two, wonder how many there are in NT, because if it’s a major state like NSW or VIC, that’s a lot of money from tax payers for nothing, difference between buy-back and not - $.

I’m surprised, that even if they did actually change the law, that they didn’t grandfather the change in, like the other states did with the Adlers.

Same here, guess Cat C in NT spells CNT.

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Will be interesting to see how it works out.

And the vague term of “linear repeating arms” covers a hell of a lot more than just these little savages. That’s any lever release, any straight pull, including things like the Browning maral that have been here forever. Verney carron, warwicks, straight pull shotties, pws .22’s and just off the top of my head. I could be a very expensive buyback!

And this one

And this one
7600 and it’s much more deadly cousin the dreaded 7615 are both linear actions when you come right down to it too. I could be getting carried away but this could be huge, based on such a loose description.
Anyone know when the next election is due in the (cu) NT?

Following that logic @bentaz , a pump action rifle would now no longer be cat A/B…

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Schmidt Rubin’s? Lolz

Correct, “linear action” is a bloody vague term!
@juststarting I guess the list of what to buy in response to this bullshit is a lot bigger than we first thought too, lol! Come on homey, where’s that meme?

The disturbing thing is how quietly this happened, there didn’t seem to be any whispers this was going on or being put forward for approval anywhere did there?
Just WHACK!! you gun is now under a new category & you must get rid of it.

Is this possibly a sneaky law pushed through as fallout from the Darwin shooting? That was a linear action (12g pumpy).

I thought similar, which is why it’s a bit weird, see what happens…

I’m surprised, that even if they did actually change the law, that they didn’t grandfather the change in, like the other states did with the Adlers.

It could be a very expensive buyback!

Couple of points, chaps.
The police can not “change the law”. They are supposed to prosecute the law. It is for the parliament to make/change the law.
If police are unhappy about how the law is interpreted, they are quite within their rights to present their case by charging somebody (prosecute the law) and have the court decide the veracity of their case/interpretation.

And, Please, DO NOT call anything such as compulsory confiscation of your lawfully owned property a “buy back”. They never owned it in the first place.
Lets be correct about what we call these things.
That’s the same shit that was visited upon us in 1996, and is being done to our brothers in NZ, right now.


The only way this gets stopped is if someone stands up and fights it in court.
I don’t know enough about firearms law to tell you whether this is dodgy or not but we really need a group like the Shooters Union to get some money together and fight. Even if they lose it at least sends the message to government that someone is double checking the legality of their decisions around firearms regulations.

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I bet mister police officer doesn’t know exactly what he has said. I bet he has more of a problem with the self cocking actions rather than Linear.

On another note I went to a LGS today to price one up and when I went in the cupboards were nearly bare of all guns and other stock. It looked like a closing down sale. I asked if that was the case and told no they were trying to stay in business. However would not even give me a price and was told they didnt want to even order one for me. The Gun store was the one in Mill Park.