58 Zoauve 1863 Remington

Anyone got a 58 Zouave? Or 1863 Remington repro? I just bought this…

Its a Miroku repro


@Nomis has my old one.

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Ive showed mine @Nomis now you have to show me yours…

I finally pick my Miroku Zouave up Saturday! Yay! Then the search for 2F and caps begins!!

Picked it up…the barrel has pits in it, almost as big as the Kalgoorlie super pit! Should have known better, buying Black powder guns sight unseen was a NO NO!

Well that’s a bit annoying, is that from the guy in S.A.? Was the seller less than honest about condition?

Yes SA bloke…He was kinda genuine just didnt elaborate on the bore condition. He has offered a full refund, if i can provide a police destruction form, to indicate its destroyed. Its a wall hanger…gutted!

Not safe to shoot?

You could shoot it…but im not interested in spending upto $200 to find that it shoots like shit!

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Well that sucks. Very disappointing, not cost effective to get repaired either I imagine.

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It would make a nice wall hanger…probably cost me more, to deactivate it…

Well it looks like i will have a nice tiger stripe Zouave Stock & lock for sale if anyone wants to pimp their Zoauve Repro. Its complete less the barrel & breech…will put pics up if theres interest…Miroku made quality…Exc cond!

Lee Shaver suggests wrapping a brush with 0000 steel wool and with liberal amounts of oil, polishing the bore can sometimes resurrect what looks to be an unusable bore. I’ve got a couple of 100+ year old Winchesters, (that obviously saw their share of black-powder), that have pitting in the bore but they shoot very well after following Lee’s advice.
It’s still got those “twisty bits”, you never know…

Yes it has some, but pushing a patch down, you feel an almost stop on the cleaning rod…its pretty savige…i think severe leading will result…He tells me its been sitting for 18 months after i bought it…

The Enfield that I recently got had some pretty bad rust in the bore, bad enough to jam a patch like you describe. Gave it the steel wool treatment and it polished up pretty good. No discerning leading with the shooting I’ve done with it so far. I could send you some Minies for testing if that would help?

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Thankyou kindly @danmac, but i think im going to give up on the ML rifle for now!

@Nomis you should jump on this mate.

This is the wall hanger…Very nice tiger stripes, its what sold me. Pity the barrel is pitty…The stock, lock and bands are pristine!

Makes the best thing i picked up at the Ballarat show, a pistol grip butt piece for my 303 25!

Im going to give it this treatment see how it comes up, at some stage. Any link to the Lee Shaver article?