577 Snider load advice

@wylie27 @no1mk3 fairly certain you lads shoot this beast.

Wondering what bullets and bullet moulds you use for this.

I assume BP 2F is the go for this one. I have an idea of charge to use, but to avoid confirmation bias, input from you guys would be awesome.

Yes, yes, thanks to @GUN-DMC I finally snagged one.

I think that is to much gun for you, better if you gave it to me :grinning:

Don’t think you’re allowed to have these large high powered calibres in WA, best stick with bow and arrows for where you are.

Wow, we can have bows and arrows… Now I can upgrade from the rocks that we are using.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning:

You will have to put up some photos of it.

Definitely, mate.

I’m good for most of it, just trying to see what bullet mould I need. There’s a couple of places and types, so hopefully someone will chime in and I can decide.

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I load for 577 snider but still trying to work out a load mine likes. Mine is a Nepalese made one so chamber is very sloppy and bore at the chamber end is up around the 0.600” mark. I’ve bought a 530gr 0.600” mold from Martyn at x-ring services (really good to deal with). Have cast a few but have yet to load them up.

Prior to that I’ve used a 0.590” mold from CBE with a grease cookie, wad and 75-80gr of 2F but it was spraying them everywhere.

Thanks, @TheDude! Maybe I meant you and not Wylie. I remember one of you mentioning it. Probably you.

I’ve emailed the X-Ring guy, see what he comes back with, about 0.600 mould. And just ordered a few 24ga brass cases. Having some experience with forming for MH, I have a feeling this is exponentially easier process. Even have a blow torch and a little pipe cutter for trimming.

Snider are a lot easier to make out of 24ga than martini. When my father and I were doing them we started with the martini and any we started crushing got trimmed down for my snider. Unfortunately the chamber is a bit too big and I was blowing the side out of the 24ga brass on first firing so switched to bertram brass. Expensive but with annealing each time it should last forever.

Here is the result of 24ga brass in my Nepalese snider

yuyks. Maybe a box of Bertram too then.

G’day juststarting,
I use Bertram cases, and the same bullet for my .58 M/L Zouve and Enfield. which is a …575 - 500g hollow base cast from a Lee #90481 mould. Mine cast at .578, and the hollow base obturates well in all 8 of my Sniders. My standard short range plinking load (out to 100m) is 65g of 2F with semolina filler as needed. I fill the base with lube use a powder over card cut from thin cardboard (Weetbix box). If you want to play with smokeless, I have had good results with 10 to 15g of Trailboss, Cheers.

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Well that works out good I have a Lee. 575 Minnie mold you can have.

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Excellent, thanks all.

Just ordered from X-Ring and will test @GUN-DMC mould too. Oh, so much gun geeking out ahead.

If I’m not mistaken this would be a pre 1900, obsolete caliber and you could hang it up in the lounge room right?

It’s an exempt firearm, correct.

More like above the bed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Not considered obsolete up here as you can buy loaded ammo (just not in Australia)

That’s the most obscure statement. Where is up here?


It wasn’t a problem as I was always intending to register it to shoot but did notice that a few states consider it obsolete.

There is a local company that sells loaded 577-450 but not seen any loaded 577 snider for sale in Australia. There are a couple of stores like Buffalo Arms in the US that sell it. I think that is why Queensland WLB deem it still commercially available.

Yeah, gotcha.