3D printing for reloading

Wondering if anyone here (with 3 printer) prints with PETG and is it worth it, over PLA/PLA+?

Alright, I see, nobody! Meh.

I recently messed a few things up and decided that it was a good time to finish all mods I wanted to do to the printer. Mainly start printing with PETG, which requires higher temperatures, so needed a replacement tube and nozzle… Went with Micro Swiss direct drive kit. May as well. Removes future headaches. Now I am running all-in-one Marlin, BLTouch sensor, Micro Swiss direct drive kit and OctoPi.

I decided to wrap this up tonight and get ready for calibration prints. I will do calibration prints tomorrow, but to quickly function test everything (to make sure there is no magic smoke anywhere and confirm new firmware) I thought I would so something productive:

Took my inspiration from Inline Fabrication (https://inlinefabrication.com/products/skylighttm-led-lighting-kit-for-the-dillon-650), quick sketch and 40 minutes later…

(AUD6.6.79 for 10-pack from Ali Express)

I still need to solder a 12V ‘pigtail’ to it, I run most things on the bench from 12V, but all in all, not too shabby for first time printing with PETG.


I’m here lol.

Looks good, a nice clean print and a perfect fit.
It looks just like the one that came with the light system that I brought except mine is black .
Good work.


Now you just need to fit it and take some more photos.
I just noticed that you don’t have an on/off switch. Do you have it plugged into the same system as the case feeder etc?

Possibly need to make another thread for tested reloading prints and various equipment hacks. Hrmmm.

Sort of. I have a custom 12V ‘strip’ that I run everything from, so switch is more or less unnecessary, just pop the jack out.

It has a magnet inside too, so it just sits on whatever is convenient at the time.



It works good for rimmed ammo; printing PLA works fine with 90% infill. Might need some sanding as correction for thickness.

Sheesh, I was getting curious about 3D printing. But after js put me onto reading this thread, it’s a bit like how the hell have I survived without one… Darn it, js strikes again. :slight_smile:
Hmmm, just got to convince the mrs. :weary:

@darwindingo Cz 515 first, then the printer :wink:

Hey, Im convinced… but…? Mrs, will take some convincing. Sheesh I remember when I was the boss of me…:joy:
Meh when the budget allows, it’s straight back to the good old " better to ask for forgiveness than permission" lol :mask: farcking covid’s been farcking me for long enough…:mask::-1:

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Hmm, maybe I can give her ya number and you can help talk her around ?.
Lol… Bahhahaha… On second thoughts lol…:joy:

Well, I guess you could try, feel free to call (03) 8888 9261; but I am not responsible for anything that follows, okay?

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She seems nice, kinda reminds me of my mum.

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I need one of those primer catchers!! Can you help me out @juststarting?

Which one specifically?

For RCBS Rockchucker

I’ll see what I can do


Well, I outsourced my “making” talents… I was actually about to start sketching the model, to replace my masking tape solution :slight_smile: And of course, someone already designed one, so I just printed. Bushings for the RCBS Chargemaster.

…and RCBS primer tray is about an hour and a half from being done.


I am testing out new material, perfect temperature for printing, so I thought I’d give it a crack real quick, before @MaxJon pee’s himself from excitement.


@MaxJon PM me your shipping address.

…actually, I printed for RVC Supreme. I am not sure if they are the same. Can you post a pic of the press? Should be the same, but probably worth to verify.

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