3D Printer programs.

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Found this website that has a lot of free programs for 3D printers.


There are lots of things for reloading/shooting especially Dillon. All you need is to know someone who has a 3D Printer and away you go.

That’s actually on my wish list… I know a couple of people who are really into it. First time I looked at all that stuff was really overwhelming for me, in terms of available models, info, gotchas, etc. Then discovered a couple of people at work who are really into it, so was able to learn a bit more. Was told expect to pay around $600 for a good model. And as far as I can tell there are three categories here really, at least for now.

  • shit - $low hundreds
  • good (for home use) - $mid hundreds
  • industrial for prototyping quickly, etc. (for labs, etc.) - $thousands

I was also told that if I see Aldi re-releasing/selling their 3D printer - go for it, so I am on a lookout for star alignment of funds and Aldi’s catalogue LOL

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I am the same, I was going to get one for the wife for her birthday but just ended up getting confused with the choices that are out there.

Yeah, it’s one of those things that are overwhelming. What does your wife do or rather with the printer? Always interested how people use them. For example, this guy at work was building a custom gaming PC and needed a part for something that didn’t exist. BAM! Printed one. Jaw dropped. Just an amazing use case.

She is into photography and craft things like painting, drawing, quilting that sort of thing.
She would have used it to make craft stuff and odds and ends. More of a hobby use than anything else though seeing what’s out there program wise I could have gotten her to make me all sorts of things.

Shop on Etsy? :stuck_out_tongue:

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There is a website that has print files for dinosaur skulls! fancy a little T-Rex skull for the desk? A young friend is about to update his printer, he is an Engineer and needs a fairly fancy one ($26000!!!), so I may ask what he wants for his current one. Cheers.

Thingiverse is a great site. Have printed a lot from it.

For designing stuff, autodesk fusion 3D is brilliant and easy to learn. Best bit is it’s free for non commercial use too. Have also played with design spark mechanical and turbocad but found fusion 3D easy. Also really quick to design threads as it has a library of them.

I’ve got a flashforge creator pro. It’s been great. One benefit with mine is the dual extruders so i can print two different materials at once but I honestly haven’t used that feature too much. Mine does have a smaller build area to a lot of them now but it hasn’t been a problem for most prints. Only thing I’ve wanted to print from thingiverse I can’t due to size is the bullet feeder for the Dillon. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2504314. Thinking I might be able to do it in smaller pieces still and screw/glue it together.

They come in handy for replacing broken stuff around the house. Oil cap on the chainsaw broke, had a replacement designed in 5 min, sent it to printer and it was done in 30 min.

Designed up a replacement damper for the air vents in brother in laws truck too. Ones in the center console were missing and you can’t just buy that but, need to buy the entire vent. Measured up the space and knocked out a couple of rough prototypes of different design tweaks over a few hours until we got one that fit perfectly and printed up the final one a bit more solid.

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