22 Hornet....dead or alive??

Anyone shooting, and reloading for the bog stock 22 Hornet?? Good or bad?? I have a soft spot for it…Most reports, say great little rifle for 200m max.

Good in its day. Well surpassed by modern cartridges. Kept alive by nostalgia only.
It works fine, other cartridges do it better.

Ideally I wouldnt mind a 22 CF that is mild enough to see the impact through the scope. Should have kept my 17 Rem I guess…221 Fireball is on my radar also, but the case forming chores, can be painfull, but they are a stronger case than the Hornet. I have dies for the Fireball and a possible project rifle

Get a .223 and live your best life. Obscure cartridges are for sh1ts and giggles.


Yeah, that’s being a sheep tho, had one in an Omark, it was the most accurate rifle I’ve owned. Tried buying it back, with no luck!

I’ve had good results with the 222 and trailboss


Love your work! Is that a savage 340?

What bullet, and load of Trailboss are you loading bentaz?

I have several weird cartridges. No one is denying old cartridges work. I love old guns.
Popular cartridges are popular for a reason. They are cheap, plentiful and work.
If you like a weird cartridge, get it.
Is .22 Hornet dead? Yes.
Buying an obsolete cartridge means spare part hassles, ammunition sourcing hassles, aftermarket parts hassles…etc…etc.etc.
All these require skill , experience and resources to overcome.
If you need a tool or a practical shooting firearm , get a popular cartridge.
If you are in it for the need for something different, then understand you will need to overcome/forgive certain difficulties.
I love assorted Milsurp rounds but they have all been overtaken in practicality and performance.
In time, as shootable examples dry up, so will the ammo.

Yeah I hear you. I get obsolete, I load for a 310. It seems as though there is a resurgence with the Hornet, based on the prices of the S/H rifles. But I will probably be a sheep, and end up with a 223. Being a military caliber I could shoot in competition and hunt with it also, so it makes the most sense.

55gn superroo’s and I think the min start load of 75% of the case capacity of TB but don’t quote me on that coz my load data is out in the cold and not moving away from the fire.
Yeah its a 340 mate.

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Thanks mate. I like the minimalist features of the 340, cool practical gun.

Yeah on paper it should be junk, but somehow it just works!

.222 is a ripper, it will always be more accurate than .223 I say.

I just ment the savage 340

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Yeah got ya, underrated rifle.

Looks like I missed this…damn it!

What about this one then mate?

Still waiting to hear back on the HW66…
No longer listed…damn it! Really like the Weihrauch HW66 though. Might save the coin, for a new one, haven’t bought a “new” new rifle for a long time.

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Hornets are making a comeback, by the looks of the S/H prices…cheap on powder!!!

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