22 for night vision

So, question for everyone.

2 rifles:

  • Ruger American Compact 22LR
  • Savage A22R

NV (IR) scope. Which one should I put the scope on? I’m on the fence…

Thoughts? Suggestions? Discuss.

The ruger.

…but why?

Whichever shoots straightest.
Or fk that, whichever looks tacticoolest.

Depends… is it a dedicated IR scope, or an add on? Are you going to need an illuminator? All of that will affect the rifles balance and ergonomics. Of those two, i would have thought the ruger would be better suited to NV

It will be a dedicated IR scope/rifle/rig… Yes.


It’s NV setup. Ergonomics and balance are irrelevant. Shooting from prone, bipod or some sort of support. Not like it’s move and stalk sort of setup.

The bolt action.

The Ruger as it is a lot better rifle and should be more accurate.

Oooo that’s a big call. Not sure about that.

Seems like there’s a consensus happening here.

Generally a bolt action rifle is more accurate than other types, well that’s what I have found.

It’s accurate enough and eats all ammo, unlike Ruger that absolutely hates cheap shit. That hussy. But Ruger is probably a better choice for it.

Which ever rifle your more familar with, you’ll be an operator operating operationally at dark o’clock most likely with a night aiming device and you don’t want to be fumbling around with weird quirks with rifles

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Mate, I am not a chest rig wearing commando, I just want to shoot my 22 lol

If you say so… personally, I call bullshit.

Well, I do say so, but I am yet to “test so” :slight_smile:

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Why not both?

Because I only have one scope, @wylie27

But that can be changed… buy another :joy:

Seems to be a clear lean to Ruger, which is what I was inclined to do, but didn’t want to bias anything.

Initially I thought A22R would be perfect, tacticoolness and all. Neither are precision rifles (unless you put them in chassis and paint them the darkest black known in the cosmos). However…

I’ve never had to send a follow up shot ultra fast. I have however had to watch where the animal runs to recover it. There lies the dilemma of A22R.

If you watch, the bolt is back and that’s fine. However, putting it back in battery will either require two hands to do it quietly or it will make loud and unnatural sound. Alternatively, dropping the lever immediately after the shot, would jolt the rifle and impact the line of sight, which makes it impossible to track the animal. There is a method to my madness after all.

But, I value other opinions, perhaps I didn’t think of something or whatever. Seems it’s all pointing to Ruger though, which is good, because I like that 22 the most.