22-250 load development

Tested some new starter loads in my 22-250 last night. Most impressed with the trailboss load which should approximate a 22 magnum round and hits basically where my high velocity loads hit at 60m. Definite potential for fox whistling and minimal pelt damage or even just shooting bunnies for the pot.
The other 2 loads…well,I think I’m giving up on the 70gn speers but the gamekings show a bit of potential


Yeah I’m yet to try Trailboss in anything…I have had a full can for about 2yrs…

I’ve used it in .32-20, .44mag, .38-55, .45Long Colt, .45-70, .30-30, 7mm-08, .270Win,…
I’d say it’s a versatile powder.