Your wish list of guns and projects

I know we all have those once in a like time guns that are just “speacial” to us that are on the whish list.

However having visited a few more gun stores that actually had stock in them it opens your eyes and you mind starts wandering.

First take away point from the is more gun shops should have more stock.

So firstly I was surprised at the amount of different makers of straight pull Shotguns.
So my first choice if I had all the money in the world would be one of those Bereta or really custom made guns in under and over for competing in the local comps and to take hunting as a show of piece.

But then we get down to the utility gun or tactical gun I like the idea of these straight pull box mag types and can see a few that I like. Its a big world out there going through all the features and designs to come up with something that ticks most of your boxes.

While on the tactical I would like a pump 7615 or perhaps by the time I get around to it it to will be a straight pull. I am not to concerned about not being able to sell it but not being able to use it off your property would be a deal breaker.

The other part of me is the little kid that always wanted to play with a lever action. After seeing some of Dan macs it really got me interested in some of the smaller to mid range cartridges

Also after meeting Noisydad, a bloke from club (not so much) and oldbloke a BP muzzle stuffer has to be in that collection.

I also have to plan for the continued maintenance running costs of my target rifle I would like another one as a spare or chambered slightly differently for different projectiles. I really need a new stock I am trying to fix the old one now in the shed. Nearly did a Jesus thing today and drilled a hole through my hand. Hopes the glue takes hold well I have a coach bolt To go down the pistol grip. I was hoping to put that in today bring it all together but that plan didnt work. Two new barrels of different types hoping to get the really good one or a least improve my odds.

So somehow I need to start a go fund me page.

I’ll bring some BP toys in September :blush:

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Yeah I’ll have my musket there too

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If you’re considering a black powder gun now, I don’t know anything about the quality, but this could be a good place to start

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My next purchase will be one of these in .50 cal.

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All the gear I sold you, I shouldn’t have lol!

When this topic popped up the other day. I was pleased to see that I have ticked off my wish list from two years ago. Other than the shotgun which I really dont have on a wish list anymore.

I keep a close eye on the used guns sites always looking for that next wish list project or gun. Quite happy ATM with the current stable in the safe.


I’m.a bit the same…but I have a Spanish carbine I may trade at some point…

Once I’m set up properly in nsw I want a break action Serbu .50bmg, then I wanna cast for it and load trailboss.
I know, I’m a dickhead, I’ve already been told today!
But, you know… I’ve got a redding bigboss with the removable bushing, seems a waste not to buy some bmg dies…


I have looked long and hard at the Serbu single .50bmg.

Then Kentucky Ballistics nearly killed himself when one detonated, put me off them a bit.

Apparently a hot load caused it, nevertheless the catastrophic failure sent a lot of heavy metal rearward very rapidly.
For the maybe 3 people that haven’t seen it

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Should be OK with TB and cast pills.

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I dunno man, 50 cal TB loads strike me as a bit lethargic

I think that’s his point

I think so too, just stick to the 70% rule, and enjoy…

But whyyyyy I hear people moan… Because it’s mine and I can. You’ll be the c*nt with a fiddy, so all other arguments are invalid. Go forth and do it!

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I resent the price. I truly believe that the price is based more on the cal size than the build cost of the gun.


for sure!

Same if I wanted a double rifle in 500 nitro, it shouldn’t cost more than 2 howa’s and a shotgun, but fuck me it does!

Cheers mate, that’s encouraging.
It’s never going to be cheap to shoot a .50, but this will give me the equivalent to .50-90, .500 nitro and other fun things.

Since doing a cull on my collection and having to decide what I really do wanna shoot and what was just safe filler I’ve decided my priorities should be getting my omark 44 and my 222 rimmed cadet shooting.
The 44 needs to be drilled and tapped for a rail and needs either a new stock or the adjustable shoulder bit replaced as its set up for midgets at the moment.
The 222R cadet has dovetail bases on it, but they’re some wierd size, so I either need to find rings to fit or new bases and generic rings.

Oh and I also have a CVA scout in 243 that’s jammed shut that needs to visit a Smith.

But first I think I need to get out and shoot some stuff.

Whatever you can dream up with cast, the yanks have done it! I could help you out with your bits Omark, CVA etc…but I’m gunna try my hand at some travel in the new year…covid dependant… I quit my job, and taking about 12 months off. I will miss my toys, but I’ve lined up a cadet shoot up NSW…and hope to catch a gunshow or 2 etc…