Your 1 most useful item?

So I wonder, if you had to pick only one thing from your gun equipment, firearms and reloading press excluded, what would you pick? For example, from your reloading setup or from your shooting gear/range bag or maintenance equipment or whatever, what would you pick? Must include photo. :slight_smile:

I’d go for my large mechanical vise.


I’d pick this small box that I store my bits n pieces in.

Come on guys n gals, whats that one bit of kit that you couldn’t do without now that you’ve used it?

It’s a tough call. I think that’s why the thread is so slow: too hard to figure out what is most handy.
Mine might have to be my rifle mounted lights as i usually have to cull pests on my own.

My bino’s are definitely it

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I posted about these somewhere else, but for me it has to be my set of scales. IMHO to make hand loads better than factory consistent powder weight is the key.


The next most useful would have to be a set of verniers.

Those two items are not very sexy as far as exotic tools or bits and pieces, but I think they are most mose useful in the reloading room.


I was tossing up between scales and calipers as well but went with the torches from a end use point of view.
I weight sort every thing, which is a bit OTT but it works.

Pics or it don’t exist :slight_smile:

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Yeah yeah… keep ya pants on. I’ll get some pics tomoz when i knock a few over.

Don’t tell me what to wear!

Ok. Keep ypur skirt on, then…

Rifle mounted torch. I find it easier to use mounted under the fore-stock. These pics are on my 223rem and the tree lit up is about 80m or so away. Olight M3X. Also have an Olight M22 for the 22lr but couldn’t easily get a good pic of that.

Very useful for solo spotting but spotting in pairs is really far more effective.