You can only have one 22LR - what rifle do you pick?

You can only have one 22LR - what rifle do you pick?

Let’s stick within Australian gun laws, because I’d be picking the American 180 otherwise.

So, you can pick whatever 22LR rifle you want within AU laws. Be it for target shooting, hunting, plinking, whatever… No use case, but you can only pick and keep one, what do you pick?

Me… I am a little undecided, but leaning to CZ 515 American (wood) variant with 15 round magazine. Maybe, freak it’s a hard choice. Top 2 or 3 - easy, but one! Mmmmmmmmm.

My little Anshultz 1450 is a great all rounder, I’d be happy with just that.
Then again maybe it’d be my Slazenger mod. 12…
No wait you evil bastard, its like making me pick between my kids, actually worse, i know which kid I’d pick!

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Loved my lithgow .22, thousands of rounds throught it was really happy with it

Never shot a CZ 515 but it does seem a good pick…
Otherwise, I reckon I’d go with a Lithgow 101.

Definitely wouldn’t be my T-bolt; I like it but not that much…
Also wouldn’t be any vintage offering. If I can only have one, I want modern ergonomics and engineering.

Browning Low Wall, 24" 1/2 octagon, 1/2 round barrel, satin black “bluing”, colour case hardened receiver, globe front sight with spirit level and windage adjust, long range tang rear sight with windage adjust, set trigger(s), satin finish stock, schuetzen / Swiss style butt plate.
OK, so it’s a custom gun, but it’s the only one, right?


I’ll see your Browning and raise you my original Winchester 1885 low-wall with pistol grip and single set trigger. :grin:
P.S. Get rid of the Schuetzen buttplate and come and join us shooting .22BPCR. :+1:

The brain says Anschutz 1727F but the heart says 1885…thinking is for young people with problems to solve. Gimme the low wall with all the trimmings.

As an all rounder,I would also have to put my 515 Woody up for contention.

It’s not as accurate as some of my bolt guns, it’s not as cool as the tactical model but damn if it doesn’t do everything very well.

Comfortable all day plinker

Light and handy, would make a terrific bunny gun.

Practical accuracy is more than adequate for everything short of hardcore comp shooting.

I’ve seen what your practical accuracy looks like… :laughing: 3 letters… K…Y…L teeheehee. Ok, ok, I am done.

That was hardcore comp shooting, life and death sort of stuff.

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Smacked again…ouch!