You are addicted to shooting/reloading when...

Alright folks, let’s kick this off.
No cut and pastes (in-joke :slight_smile: ) - that’s cheating, from memory is fine.

  • You are addicted to shooting when: you want to wipe cutlery with an oily rag after you do the dishes.
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When you find yourself cooking up a meal using the venison from your last hunt and you instinctively weigh everything in grains. :beers:

When a $30 set of dies turns into $830 set of dies, because you thought, well, I already have the dies, may as well get the rifle.

When you suddenly realise that you have told your guns that you love them more times than you have told everyone else you know combined.

When you see a gun you want but can’t afford it and you start thinking, Hmmm I only really need one kidney.

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When you can open your safes and find guns you forgot you had.

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When ya buy ya property because the lot number is 222:smiley:

My next property will be bought based on its suitability for shooting off the back porch!

Make sure it has a guest room.

When you can and do shoot from your back porch…

Hang on, maybe that’s just a sign of laziness!?!

Why, you weren’t planing on coming in from the porch anyway were you?

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When you have targets set up so that you can develop a load with out having to walk further than 2m out your back door…load… 20 steps… fire… 20 steps… adjust load…

Again… that may just be laziness! :rofl:

No, that is called “living the dream”!

:rofl: Well… it does get cold in Tassy! :rofl:

that was aimed at JS, but I guess its still relevant!

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Well, not if I have to return fire.

That actually happened to me a couple of times. I love it. Like, oooooooo, I forgot about you, sexy.

Oh… Just give him a bloody tent out the back… :smiley:

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When at Christmas time, instead of hanging a Christmas Stocking you hang a Gun Sock in hope that Santa gets the frigging message… :beers:

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When you meticulously count down the days on your calendar, because you don’t want to miss celebrating the anniversary of hooking up with each and everyone of ya guns and much to your missus’s disgust you only have one reminder on the day before you and her did and its titled the day she started restricting my gun fun…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: