Yearly LGS Rant

That’s not quite true, it’s not that black and white. Currently I think this is no longer the case. SSAA had an article about that…

As for “oh my lovely LGS is closing”… those who know me, know my opinion on that :unamused: There are shops that do well and those that don’t. As an example, there are stores in Melb, that I will drive to as my first choice, for an hour each way, considering there are at least 3 or 4 within 20 minute drive from me. There’s a reason for that, yeah?

Partially (but certainly not entirely), it’s the cost. For example, my LGS sells powder, I shit you not $15-$20 more than other shops that I drive to. Since I only buy once or twice a year - and I spend a lot, I make a drive. There is no reason ripping customers off like that. Then there’s the issue of customer service, where they forget that they need me more than I need them. Then there’s an issue of stock. There are lots of factors and you will find that smaller shops that add no value go out of business, others don’t. Just normal cycle, in any business. Believe it or not, there are lots of gun shops in Melbourne.

Here’s a few REAL examples:

I work full time, I’d rather pay $50 shipping, instead of losing a day of work, being a contractor. I rang a shop, that told me that they are busy and I should just come in and have a look, rather than ask questions over the phone (in VIC). If they are busy, then they shouldn’t pick up the phone, perhaps. I rang an interstate shop, maybe 15 minutes on the phone getting proper, good advice and they got my business ($2k) - right there and then.

Walked into a shop, asked for a rifle, which was several hundred dollars more than at Cleavers. Said, that if they meet me somewhere half way, I will buy it now. They said no, I said, no worries, please apply for PTA. They asked, you getting it? I answered, no, shipping it in from Cleavers. Still several hundreds of dollars cheaper. The guy just stood there wondering what happened.

And most recent, ordered some bullets. Emailed someone, no, reply, then a response, saying they will reply in detail later… Waited for 2 weeks, never received the ‘detailed response later’ - ordered $600 worth of projectiles from a different store.

Considering all of these things are small margin items that need to be sold at volume, these guys fail pretty hard at it, losing out like that. These dudes don’t get it. Different times, different demographics, different requirements. It’s not the strongest or the fittest that survives, it’s the one who is most adaptable to change :wink:

Okay, rant over.


Up here, we get a much better run as far as firearms and hunting/bag limits are concerned with one party over the other.

The remaining 99.5% of issues are as you say.

up where? What limits?

That’s why I love my LGS, 5 minute walk away, has everything I need and at a good price for over here and are more than happy to have a chat and to order stuff in.

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My LGS of choice ( I have only two :slight_smile: is great because he doesn’t charge me for incoming transfers as he knows Ill buy a lot of gear in his store. Pay cash, get good discounts. Plus they are open Sundays till 4pm which is awesome for those weekend reloading sessions and you need something odd.

It’s interesting here in Shepparton because I have three options for gun stores and they all survive very differently.

First option is in town and is a large outdoor store that also sells guns and ammo. They have a good range of new rifles in stock, all very much the cheaper end of the market but that’s not surprising because it’s Shepparton. Service is fairly blah. Not awful, just sort of feel they really don’t care that much. Odd thing is their ammunition range. Super random stuff that I could never get at any other store around here including 6.5 Carcano and 7.62x54R.

Next store is in Kyabram where I work. Big store, good range of everything (safes, reloading gear etc). Ammo range isn’t as good but the service is amazing. I think they like me because I collect interesting stuff. Guy who runs the place is a former Olympic shooter and will talk your ear off. I will pay more there because I know them and want to support them.

Final store is located 40 minutes away and is a pain to get to. On a farm, down a dirt road. Small store with a small range of most things but they do bulk discounts on ammo, have a huge range of second hand ammo and do great deals every few months (hello $10 Damascus barrel shotgun).

All good options really but they also have the advantage out here of having a consistent stream of income via ammunition sales to farmers which you don’t get in Melbourne.

:thinking: thats got me thinking how i can save a few $



Clearly that was meant to be second hand firearms. My bad.

:+1: figured that. :joy:

Not bad just human error unless you blame auto correct.

At a GS today picking up the A22 and in talking with the owner who was trying to sell me a Gun Safe I said “No Thanks I am going to build a custom one to suit my room and rifles”

To this he said “Oh OK but beware all home made safes now require a 5 point locking door”

To which I questioned him and said I think if I make a safe out of 5m + steel it would be well and truly stronger than any safe he had on the show room floor and just about any other commercial safe with most of them being made from 2mm steel on the side with a 3 mm door.

This really pissed me off in general especially after we had just discussed the regs ect and here was an owner spreading miss information to try and get a sale.

Lol. When I did my safety course, someone asked the officer running it what “not easily penetrable” is as per the law regarding safes. His response was “whatever I decide it is, but if you don’t know what you’re doing please just buy a safe. Don’t put a lock on an old fridge and tell me it counts, I won’t be happy”.

There is a disturbing amount of rumor around so much of this stuff, in my opinion because of the vagueness of the laws.


It comes down in court to the “reasonable man” theory.
It must be deemed a reasonable and sensible effort.
A padlocked fridge would imply “I can’t be fked and am just doing the bare minimum”
A home built safe with some obvious effort towards security would certainly be deemed a reasonable and sensible effort.

I have to admit, beyond some obviously biased opinions on certain brands , I’ve never received any info I would deem completely BS.

I have met with one of my local stores bring full of staff who have NFI about most things gun related, but not deliberately full of it.

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I love my local it’s just around the corner, I’ll always exclusively buy from there. They match cleavers prices or beat them and there more than happy to make trades (which I like). Ive tried to give other guys a go but their arrogance has led to their failure, in the past few months they have shut down because of this. On the bright side my lgs has a plethora of second hand firearms out the back which I love to scour through hehe

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I have been to pretty much all shops in Metro Melbourne.
By and large I’m not a browser, I know what I want before I even go in (probably like most men). If I ask to have a look and handle a firearm it’s because Im going to buy it.
Some shops have left a really bad taste in my mouth. Genuinely make me feel like I’m being a nuisance. I spend 5-10k a year on guns and ammo etc. Sorry for trying to spend money at your shop. Like has been mentioned, plenty of shops to choose from, I vote with my feet.
I will go out of my way to support business that provides service and wants my custom.


I think its a business that attracts “characters”, some have better customer service than others, but there’s an inordinate percentage of grumpy bastards and know it alls.

Mine is good only 3 main people work behind the counter.

One is the captain of the local rifle range and a competition shooter as well as hunter.
One is into competition pistol shooting,
And the other, the owner, is into clay target shooting.

All 3 have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Funny how that is, certified cucks going on about sniper rifles and handguns, while the clay shooter is probably the only c*nt there who will snap shoot a fast moving target and hit it all day long. Buuuuutttttt nobody suspects a humble scatter gat lol