Would you do it?

Who here would give it a go?
I think that @GUN-DMC would as he is a shotgun fan…

Been done…

Also note how this idiot is walking in front of a loaded shotgun :wink:

You’d be getting into broken wrist country there i’d say

I’d shoot that for sure, recoil wouldn’t be bad with no forcing cone or barrel to build up pressure.
It would have the effective range of a party popper!

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If it were an inch longer I would. I would just like to see the cartridges where the shot is enclosed so that they at least mostly go forward.

Well even If I hadn’t seen the Video I would. The shot may spray a bit sideways -but it isn’t going to do a u turn.

I would. Would be good on the farm shooting rabbits :grinning:

There was or probably still is a company in the U.S. making 12ga deringers that looked really cool

You’d look good with one tucked into your garter belt. Mmm mmm mmm!

With a longer barrel that goes beyond the cartridges, not a problem, but I would not fire this one.