Would there be commercial interest in bullpup sporting rifles?

I seem to have a lot of time zoning out while at work and usually thinking about firearms. I saw an article the other day mentioning scout rifles and I was wondering if a straight pull or even pump action bullpup sporting rifle would be viable. I’m aware of bolt action bullpups with the bolt right at the shooter’s shoulder, but a straight pull might allow the bolt to remain where it usually is, but with maybe a linking arm or something to operate an action behind the bolt rather than in front. so the rifle may go from shoulder pad to the bolt body to the breech/chamber, then the bolt handle connected to the bolt body at the start of the action via a rod or arm to operate the action.

Clear as mud?

I had thought there might be some interest as a hiking/light mountain rifle if it can reduce the weight or would it be more interesting as a novelty?

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I think it falls into the same category as some guys like fat girls and others skinny ones. I find the bullpups quite ugly. Others are fascinated with them and love the look.

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It could end up that way. I’d pictured a timber stock with the action sitting right back, not sure yet how optics would be mounted but I’m sure it could be worked out. Maybe the bolt handle could work like a gas piston if that can tidy it up a bit

@Ats3 you’re talking about Warwick with pump action addon.


Which Warwick? I’m intrigued

and Rhonda… Wedgetail Industries MPR308 Review - YouTube
and of course Remington 7615 is in the mix.

My main thinking was toward the bullpup concept and whether a straight pull or pump action would be best to take on the style. Although I wouldn’t mind a regular pump action in the safe either

Hrmmm I don’t know. Interesting, but like you said, it would be a bunch of levers and shit to cock and lock and yeah, just over engineering methinks. Although, I do like bullpup designs.

Sounds like you need to get yourself one of these - SHORTY - S.O. Precision Weapons - Wilderness Rifle & Swarovski Scope - SSAA Gun Sales . I think the pistol grip slides back and forth just like fore end on a pump action. There has been a couple for sale on usedguns but they are few and far between.
Edit - found some videos https://youtu.be/GOrVd1gwRvc

There are a few problems.
Bull pups are useful in an assault rifle where the small size is a genuine benefit and worth some of the compromises, even then, militaries are beginning to move back away from bull pups.
Bull pups have notoriously shite triggers and complex linkages.
They just are not great in any sort of bolt action configuration. Losing the semi auto negates many benefits.
Your price point will be competing against well established quality rifles and stocks.
You will sell a few, it will be hard work and not great return on investment.

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A Styer AUG straight pull would tick boxes for a lot of people.

On the small size thing - I guess it would not be a huge benefit anyway on a hunting rifle, seeing that you can get 18in barrel hunting rifles that are pretty handy.

Double barrel shotguns usually have long barrels right? A bullpup shotgun with 30in barrels would be pretty cool.

You only have to look at the United States. A plethora of genuine bullpup style rifles and they remain largely unpopular compared to traditional type rifles.
They are cool, they have awesome novelty. The price you would have to sell one would be pretty salty. Unlikely to offer better performance than regular rifles. You are selling purely on the look. If the operation is anything less than awesome the buying public will shitcan it.
It’s a tough ask is all I’m saying. Be a lot of money and time investment to get the project up to speed. Then competing in a ruthless market full of cynical Aholes with no money.

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I think the Summer of Focken’ Puss rifle was an awesome idea. Pump action bullpup. Should have bought them when they could be had for $2k during the last decade.

Maybe just get one of those, straight copy it. If it’s a bullpup I suppose its supposed to handle well so a protuding magazine might be a little annoying. Steyr magazines would be my preference over the goto AI magazines.

Sommer & Ockenfuss Pump Action

Ever handled one ? I wasn’t a fan tbh.

Is the “pump Action” reversed on that?
Never mind, watched the vid!
Pretty cool, not sure how practical but cool none the less!