Would the real Supaduke please stand up?

You’ve been quite, what’s going on man? We sort of missed you here.

Kids and a recent house move have been eating up all my time. Still lurking, reading posts. Getting time for gun projects has proven frustrating the last few months.
Really looking forward to catching up with the guys at plinkfest, I’ll be there with enough guns and ammo to start a small war. Slowly getting more free time.


Every time we all get together the local police get notified that we are engaged in some kind of small war, Lol, so that will fit right in! :grin:

Interestingly I found a photo of your last gathering, not sure who is who but you will know … :rofl::rofl::rofl:


There’s a lot of awesome in that photo.

Yup thats us, in a rare moment of cease-fire😂

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