World Whisky Day

Happy World Whisky Day people, let us know what you are sampling today.

Nothing to exciting mate but I will probably finish off the bottle of Chivas I have been drinking. Have a few others in reserve to get through as well. Nothing to expensive. I have cheap taste, although do enjoy a more expensive bottle on occasion.

That’s the best kind of taste.

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Whisky or Whiskey? Which do you prefer?

Hard one mate. If you’re talking purist definitions of the term. They all make a good drop. Although, I went off Japanese a while ago and never seem to get back into it. Always depends on the mood. I’ll have to see what I have when I get home and have a sip :slight_smile:

As long as its wet, I’ll drink it.

Heh, I wouldn’t go that far.

Remembered I have this in the pantry.

Bottled 2014. Amongst others :slight_smile:

As for tasting… I did have a drop today.

What I have leftover from a subscription I had…

Decided to finish this today :slight_smile:

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Having a sip of this

New offering from the William Grant stables, at $60 a bottle slightly overpriced but it is interesting.

The fact that you have a lathe and what appears to be a milling machine in the background makes me want to ask if you are open to adoption? I am toilet trained and mostly self sufficient.


Its just a figment of you imagination, must be the whisky :grinning:

Blue label Jim Beam is a nice bourbon. The double barrel one…the white label is shit

I wouldn’t drink the white label one if it was free. I drink plenty of the Devil’s Cut, its a good drop.

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I like this better!
Yes the white label is shit…

Cheers mate, I haven’t tried that yet. I’ll have to give it a crack.

Another favorite of mine is Wild Turkey Rare Breed, a little more expensive but it’s worth the extra $ though… I used to drink It exclusively, but with my consumption levels, you’ve got to start to make concessions… lol