Wonder why is there no good Australian firearms podcasts?

Wonder why is there no good Australian firearms podcasts? There’s one PRS specific one and a bunch of hunting ones and lets be honest here, most of us shoot a lot more than hunt. And I don’t really give a shit who shot what stag for the millionths time. Really wish there was just a normal gun-shit-talking podcast. Used to listen to one from USA, but that ended :frowning:

/rant over

Probably because it would devolve into “Aussie gun laws suck” each week and not enough innovative products make it to our shores to maintain something to talk about. Would need to keep it light and interesting. This would mean staying away from politics.


I know just by being here and the fetish we all share of guns that we also fit into the gun nerd basket. However that basket of stuff is only so big as to hold your attention for so long and then it just becomes repetitive or off track.

I could not even watch ever episode of [email protected] in fact while all have been interesting I only cherry pic. Same goes for Hickok these days and they have pics.


For me most gun stuff needs to be visual also, I’m not going to listen to people waffle on when i can watch some of the great stuff thats on YouTube like CandArsonal, Forgotten Weapons and any number of other brilliant shows.
I just cant get into podcasts really.

It could be a monthly podcast, no need to do weekly or whatever. Just talk random stuff, new thing came out, shot this, tested that, noticed something interesting. I think it would be pretty good as something playing in the background when I am doing something else.

You could always start your own…

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Lol there’s always someone… if i did my own, why would I listen to it?

Maybe you’re missing the point… why do you want to listen to a podcast…because in your own words you “Really wish there was just a normal gun-shit-talking podcast”…

so instead of “listening” to other fools having conversations (talking shit) that are often boring, why dont you be the one actually having those conversations with genuinely interesting people. You’re a smart fella (why did auto correct want to change that to fart smella :thinking:), and could probably get people from within the industry (shop owners, gun smiths, championship shooters, beginner shooters, dealer reps, importers etc etc) on the pod cast.

I know, I know, people would rather point at problems than deliver solutions :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:


You are right in everything but one thing, i don’t want to do work, i just want gun people talk while i drive or work :slight_smile:


Perhaps there is a business opportunity their. Instead of dial a porn chat dial a gun chat.

interesting… oil it more daddy.

I get a random geezer talking shit about guns once a week at the range

Honest outlaw is probably my favourite yankee and feeds into my love for six shooters and lever guns
Hickok 45, well he is just awesome
And Paul Harrell
Grand thumb is hilarious
Demo ranch and his mates are a bit cringe, I enjoy his car and house stuff more

In fact my mental vision of Just Starting is Paul Harrell

BWAHAHAHAHAAH - well, there are a quite a few folks here who’ve met me in person… What say you?

Which bucket above do I live in?

Certainly a few traits of Paul there. I would say, in his thorough approach to things. He is also a very data driven type of guy, he looks at data and results in combination. Your not a rambler I think Paul can go on and on, for little point sometimes telling you how he is going to go on a bi,t and it has no real informative content.


He looks like Greg Brady and Monkee Magic had a love child.


Jizzflinger is definitely Micah from garand thumb

Who is Ian McCullough from forgotten weapons dot com?

Oh man, @JizzFlinger is so many things, so, so many ambiguous weird things. lmao

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