With unity, we can be powerful

Just sharing an article… And I couldn’t agree more. There is no place for fuds.


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Looks interesting.
When he has you lot sorted send him over here for a challenge, we could sure use him.

Talk about unity, there seems to be nearly as many political shooting groups putting their hand out for money as there are shooting groups.

I wasn’t really impressed with their website seemed very low on real information and high on “fake news” to alarm and shock you into getting out your wallet.

So like every other organisation then? Need to fight on a leveled playing field. Greens fight dirty, lie, create actual fake news. Also, it’s not fake news, it’s a call to action. Fake news is news that’s biased to fit a narrative, true or not. I’m fairly certain that on the blog the author was pretty clear that it wasn’t the casem. Look up what “fake news” is.

But rather than immediately turning on them, just stand united and support it wholesale, rather than one specific discipline. Shotguns or plinking with tactical goodness, support it all.

Yeah like every other organization. I am a bit of a pessimist with a lot of things. I totally agree a united front should be made by gun owners and all the separate organizations that we belong to need to get on the same page . Its getting behind the right bandwagon that is the issue.
As for the political parties like the Greens yes they take twisting and turning a story to the next level.
Fake news your right that is not the correct term for it. I just took the term as it has been made famous by the lovable President Trump :grinning: