Wiping barrel with oil under barrel shroud - without shroud removal. Ideas?

So, I’ve never been a fan of barrel shrouds for this exact reason, it takes a lot more effort to clean… Something simple like wiping the barrel with an oily rag becomes an adventure! However, I do own a couple of firearms with shrouds…

The question: I wonder if anyone has found a good approach or a solution for wiping the outside of the barrel with oil without removing the shroud? As always, all ideas appreciated.

Like a fatty wiping their bottom, rag on a stick.

Ok, workable… Or pipe cleaner thingies… I am open to all ideas. Surely there are ways and I know a bunch of you have tactical4life shrouds, so there must be a way…

Mine are all easily removable, undo 2-3 screws and they slide off over the barrel.

What about a plastic/non oil absorbing tube or some sort of material rolled into a tube with rag or thing layer of similar material bonded to tube just bigger than exterior of barrel but thin enough to slide between shroud?

Yeah, our definition of “easily” may differ. If screws are involved, it’s not “easily” in my opinion.

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Yeah, that’s what I am leaning to with the pipe cleaner idea.

Are describing a fleshlight for a barrel ??


Generally, I pride myself for taking the conversation down, 2 to 3 levels beyond the gutter, but you Sir, bravo! I know when I see talent!

Sponge, hole in the middle, push down, pull up! I like it! I knew the brain trust will come up with something workable and sexy!

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A bit of pvc electrical conduit a bit longer than the barrel cut in half lengthways with an oiled cloth wrapped & tied on the end. It contours the barrel pretty well & doesn’t flex much while cleaning. You can even be tricky and put a dry cloth on the other end to wipe off any excess.

What about using an aerosol application and just let it run or dribble over the barrel.
The fleshlight idea sounds like a more workable solution. if there is access.

You guys really took the fleshlight idea and ran with it eh :joy: