Winchester m70 458wm

Any interest in a Winchester model 70 super express in 458wm with dies, cases,leupold vx2 1-4×20 scope,and a screw on radial brake ?

$1500 plus transfer and postage…

@DC95 this is the sort of thing you were looking for homie

There’s some photos that show any blemishes that I can find. Obviously the scope and the muzzle brake aren’t fitted

Here it is with scope and muzzle brake fitted. Really thought there’d be more interest

I wish I could buy it :drooling_face:

Nice rifle @Bigpete but I don’t have much “dangerous game” around the place, little bit of overkill for hoppers and goats.:laughing:
Plus, I need that much coin to start on a black-powder rifle for my 13 year old son so I can have my Shiloh back.