Winchester Centennial '66 30-30

So i called into my local this morning to say g’day & see how an order was going and this was sitting on the bench calling my name. I’ve been thinking about a little lever in 357 for a while, but this 30-30 just seems too good to pass up.
Condition is pretty good, it’s got a couple of small scuffs on the butt and signs of use and i’m not sure about the barrel porting. What do you guys think?

IMG_6177 IMG_6178 IMG_6179 IMG_6180 IMG_6183

God damn it, I am being influenced by bad people again. Very nice!

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I like it. Shiny. Not sure I would take it hunting, but definitely a nice range toy and talking piece. Octagonal barrels look good on levers.
I briefly thought you had a 1866 Winchester in 30-30 , what sorcery is this ? Considering modern Winchester 66’s only come in .38spl.

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I would like to get a lever action. It would have to be something with a it of age I think. I know I dont want these micro grove things. Calling @danmac perhaps you could keep an eye out for me. Send me a PM of all the things I need to consider.

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Yeah i’m not really up to speed on lever models either, the thing that also has me wondering is the barrel porting, surely it can’t be factory can it?
Also i’ve only been able to find two online, one is in unfired condition and he wants $2995 for it and the other one was sold in 2017 in good condition for $800 which really gives me no idea on what it’s worth as it is, do our resident lever lovers have an idea would be a fair price for it? The guys at the shop have it on hold for me while i have a think.

G’day JSS,
A couple of these have sold recently for $1400, very good condition. You can pick them up for that price in the US, but need to tack on export & shipping costs. These lovely 24k gold plated rifles also came as a consecutive numbered rifle/carbine set, so it may be worth dropping a line to Winchester and see if yours has a “compadre” out there somewhere. Cheers.

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Lever actions are proven to put more swagger in your stride immediately upon handling.
There is purity and beauty to a lever action that no other rifle compares to. Everyone should own at least one.
Stick to
Can’t go wrong.
Many collector edition type Winnie’s just don’t hold their value like you think they would.
It’s almost like they are too beautiful and people don’t want the responsibility. Too shiny and nice to use.

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Thanks for the info guys much appreciated. If i get this one it will be getting used that’s for sure!! There’s only one wall flower in my collection and it’s something special that i inherited, everything else gets to go bang like they should.


G’day all, sorry for the late reply @sungazer but I’m currently in England at Bisley for the World Long Range Muzzle Loading Titles.
The rifle in question is a commemerative, they made 10’s of thousands of them. These rifles often get confused with limited number collectors editions. They are often worth less than original price so don’t worry about buying one for use. They can be nice guns to shoot often with longer, heavier octagonal barrels that not only look good and proper, but give other advantages of extra weight and sight radius that can help with accuracy especially in offhand shooting like silhouette where a lot are seen. Hope this helps,

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Thanks Dan, much appreciated, i’m going in to the shop this morning to pickup another rifle i’ve been waiting on so i’ll do a bit of negotiating for this one too & see how it goes.

Good luck with the competition. They certainly make good use of the Ranges at Bisley. It was just a few weeks ago that they had 1000s there for the Queens prize along with a long list of other international and National like University against University, different military but all shooting the Target Rifle class. which is 308 shot prone using only a sling and iron sights (peep) the ammunition is all issued.

Arghhhh I can’t get Winchester 30-30 out of my head now!

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To be perfectly honest i don’t know how you’ve survived until now without one.
You need one!! You need one NOW!! :wink:

Oh and just so you know the one i posted photos of is still available, it’s a personal thing, i just couldn’t get past the magnaporting on the barrel.
Now i have to find another one too lol.

I wondered at the time but no I am even more intrigued what are they? are they some form of small muzzle brake ? or are they attachment points for something?

Yeah they’re holes machined into the barrel, i’m told they work like a muzzle break but less effective as they’re only small holes compared to a proper break (not that recoil’s an issue on a 30 30 anyway), they still kick a bit of noise sideways too. For me though they just really don’t suit an old style lever gun. The bloke who owned it also had the exact same porting done to a sako hunting rifle he was selling which looked fine.