Win748 load data .204 ruger.

Finger Squeezers help required…

Does anyone have a link or info on Win 748 load data for. 204 ruger. The Winchester site sends me to Hodgdon which only has Hodgdon and IMR powder and when I do accidentally find where I can enter the data, .204 is not listed against 748 powder.

Is the powder too old and/or the cartridge too new and never the twain shall meet?


Mate I have the Hornady app and it has win748 listed for the 204 Ruger.
What projectile are you using?

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32 nosler Armageddon

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Above is the link to the Nosler load data mate.

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Thanks @CAVOK :+1:

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My pleasure mate. Hopefully it works out for you. Let us know how you go. :beer::+1:t2:

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I actually have a few bottles of 748 locked away, you’ve just inspired me to try it in something.

Yeah, I will mate.
Heading to Bourke next week for a week of “do what we want when we want”.


That’s my favorite thing to do


Yep mine too.

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So what are you chasing?, nailed crap loads of goats up that way some years ago… Also had good success a couple of hrs south in Hilston, the owner of that property claimed that that he provided much of the granite used for the SYD Opera house… I’ve never fact checked it, but he did show us where it had been drilled and blasted and you could see clear signs of huge slabs of it sliding down the hill… So we had no reason to doubt him.
He also said keep away from my daughter but… Im only human…lol

Sorry for the flashback… should have started with, back in my day… lol

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Pigs, foxes (if they have recovered after the drought), goats are off limits, and a couple of sheep for the freezer.

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Haha you should reminded him of the 3 garauntees in life . .dying, paying taxes, and someone rooting your daughter. I’m ok with it, I dont have a daughter…lol

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22 pigs and 6 cats for the week. Average high temperature was 46c. Day max at 48.9c night min at 24c. It was hot.


Yeah that’s getting up there. Sounds like you had a good week though

Yeah mate, I want to go back. We chased them, at night, stalked them in the morning and while they were sleeping in the midday sun at an overflowing bore, on bikes, sometimes they even wandered within range. I bought a $80 wading pool with us to keep cool and it worked to beat the heat.