Will it blend... 30 Luger in 7.62x25 Tokarev

Sooooooooooo, @Gaznazdiak, we science harder!

A while ago I read a thread on 30 Luger vs 7.62x25 Tokarev. Specifically, will 30 Luger fire from a Tok. Generally speaking, one can assume (very loosely) that 30 Luger will fire in 30 Mauser and Tok; and 30 Mauser will fire in Tok. But not backwards, that’s over-pressure territory. Bullet diameter also goes up. So on paper, totally doable.

Anyhow, read the thread, lots of armchair google academics talking poop. No danger, danger Will Robinson, blah this, blah that, pressure, reliability… Except for one guy who seemed to have an idea with, the means and the YOLO attitude. Worked for him. No pics though. And to me it looked totally feasible on paper…

Left to right: Tok, Mauer, Luger

Anyhow, being an ammo hound that I am, I found a box of 30 Luger (probably the only box in the country).

So, like any rational adult would do - hi ho, hi ho, of to science we go.

Question: Dear editor, can you eat all mushrooms?
Answer: yes, but some only once.

This is similar.

Left to right:
7.62x25 Tokarev, 30 Mauser, 30 Luger or what’s left of it (I only picked up a few for photos).


  • Definitely doable.
  • Firearm cycled flawlessly.
  • Accuracy at 15m in technical term: yeah, she’ll do. Acceptable for Service and steel plates.

So there you have it :slight_smile:


P.S. something about these cartridges (including 357 Sig and 5.7 FN)… I find them very aesthetically pleasing.

Hahahaha…. Classic!! I’m gonna use that!

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