Why pistol caliber carbines cost more?

So, as the title suggests… I’m puzzled why a pistol calibre carbines often costs more or a lot more than literally the same rifle chambered in a ‘traditional’ rifle calibre cartridge?

Just something I’ve always wondered. Seemingly, you’d need more material to make a receiver for a traditional rifle cartridge, while something small needs less material, ergo less cost. Yet, the pricing is in reverse. Why?

N.B. I’m talking specifically about lever action rifles, that come in lots of chamberings.

I don’t understand it either. its the same with sports cars, coupe’s and convertibles.
It comes down to supply and demand I think, sell a million 30-30s and a thousand 44mags so they sell for higher to still profit over the cost of tooling etc.

Yep, if the production numbers are less cost must to some degree increase. Demand too.

But I’ll bet it’s got a lot to do with what the customer is prepared to pay as well.

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Here is your answer, Oldbloke has it nailed.