Why I Think Milsurp Rifles Are Not Worth Buying Any More.

Good video I stumbled on just now.

End Of An Era. Why I Think Milsurp Rifles Are Not Worth Buying Any More.
End Of An Era. Why I Think Milsurp Rifles Are Not Worth Buying Any More. - YouTube

For those of us slowly approaching the tale end of the collection, rather than being on the starting end of it, it does make sense… Plug a hole in the collection and be done with it.

However, for someone starting out, I totally agree, absolutely no point and the same money could be spent buying premium modern and collectable rifles, rather than outdated junkers that are worse in every practical way.

Food for thought.


Bound to run out of good collectables from the early world wars at some point.

Not allowed to collect functional guns from more recent wars / conflicts unfortunately. To me they have just as much significance to global history and stories of sacrafice as anything from the WW’s. That would start a big new rush on collections if the military were to sell them on instead of destroying them.

Only option is to wait for old collectors to pass on sadly. Would love a No4 Mk1 T but not many around and the only ones I’ve seen are still in collections.

Is it any different to owning old cars? I mean a VH Commodore is a piece of junk even by 1980’s standards. But I saw a mint one the other day and wished I could drive it, boat anchor 253 and spazmatic slushbox.

That said, I dont think a lot of old cars are worth the asking price to me, but to many people they are and thats why prices of old cars and old guns are going up. I miss my K31, but not enough to part with $2000, even though it would probably be worth even more in the future.

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Tbh, I’ve been thinking about this recently, and I can’t really think of a milsurp that I desperately want since I bought the Type 53. I’m sure that I’ll still end up buying something that strikes my fancy if the price is right; Plenty of stuff still interesting like a Madsen, but nothing I’m actively searching for.

I mostly buy guns to have fun shooting them, and I honestly had as much time shooting a 12G for the first time as I did shooting my Jungle Carbine for the first time at Plinkfest, and one is definitely cheaper to own and run than the other.

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I wouldn’t say they are not worth it. I will say however, their viability for smaller collectors is becoming less and less. They have crossed a price threshold where they are no longer a cheaper alternative to a new modern rifle. Now days you are paying a premium for a rifle , that although is historically very cool, it’s not that great on a practical level.


I’m glad i got to have a few no4 mk 1’s over the last few years, pitty i wasn’t alive in the 70’s and 80’s when the real nice ones were around


I can’t really think of a milsurp that I desperately want

Well, I’m a fucking liar

A Chinese stamped Vz.24 just came for sale, and I can’t get enough tissues and lube.

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You have a problem.

I think I might when it comes to Chinese firearms.

No, the problem is that it’s not in your safe.

Thats pretty fucking cool, I should buy it from under you.

Ah sad - I messaged the seller, but looks like someone else got it.

I showed Dad the photos, and we can make out something about South, and 89 on the buttstock.

The interesting thing was that the stamps were communist, but Chinese was in traditional Chinese, so it would have been stamped before the mid 1950’s language reform.


Be quick homies