Why are people so obsessed with Brno 22s?

I notice a lot of ads selling Brno rifles, typically sold within minutes or hours. And from conversations, there’s definitely a cult following around them.

I don’t get it.

Did some reading…

I don’t see how it could possibly be better than a modern Cz, especially with advances in safety, metallurgy and tooling. One could argue that fit and finish, crafted vs made, modern vs old… I get it, but in this case we are talking about premium brand. I have modern Cz toys and they feel very nice… And it demands similar price, so what’s up with that?

Is it just a nostalgic thing? Is it magical? Am I missing something?

For many years they were considered the best & most accurate 22 you could get, i got one for my 11th or 12th birthday & it’s still down on mums farm 35 odd years later.
I guess being thought to be the best by a generation of shooters is definitely enough to create a cult following.
And yes they also have magical powers.


Aussie boomer icon basically. Also, everything after 1964 is …meh.

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I guess the same could be said for milsurps in general, why buy one when there is a more modern, accurate and better performing firearms out there.

Yeah, but there are a lot of variety and themes with milsurps, These rifles, 2 models. Anyway, just an interesting observation, so thought I’d throw it out here.

They are very nicely put together, accurate and silky smooth. The quality was way beyond what you would expect from a cheap communist block .22.
A Toz17 looks and feels like a failed high school project by comparison, although they are nearly as accurate.

The draw for me is they can be treated like utter Shit and still shoot. Most of our club members are farmers and they pull out shitty old model 2’s and they shoot just as good as modern rifles that have 40 years less neglect.

Literally euthinasing sheep in the morning and being ultra competitive at club in the arvo.

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Pretty much. They (CZ) even did ads in Australia for one of the newer .22 lines with some old fella talking about how back when he was younger, they called them Brnos (ie, clearly trying to tell people the new guns were just as good, if not better than the ones their dad/grandad kept going on about).

The Brno Model 2s are excellent rifles, though, but the reality is that with a bit of work the Norinco JW-15A does the same thing for a lot less money (because it’s a copy of the Brno Model 2).