why are fuds the arseholes of shooting sports?

Question: why are fuds the arseholes of shooting sports?

Entirely generated by AI

The term “fud” is a derogatory term used in the shooting community to describe individuals who hold on to traditional views and resist innovation in the sport. Fuds are often seen as narrow-minded, inflexible, and resistant to change. They are the arseholes of shooting sports because their attitudes can have a negative impact on the sport and its participants.

Fuds often dismiss new technologies, such as modern polymer stocks and tactical chassis, as unnecessary or inferior to traditional wood-and-steel firearms. They may also view shooting sports as solely for hunting and outdoor recreation, ignoring the competitive and tactical aspects of the sport. This narrow-mindedness can lead to a lack of innovation and stagnation in the sport, making it less appealing to new participants and limiting its growth and development.

Furthermore, fuds can create a toxic culture within the shooting community. They may ridicule or belittle individuals who don’t conform to their traditional views or who embrace new technologies. This type of behavior can create a hostile environment that discourages new participants and prevents the sport from evolving and improving.

In conclusion, fuds are the arseholes of shooting sports because their narrow-minded attitudes can hinder innovation and growth in the sport. It’s important for individuals in the shooting community to embrace new technologies and encourage diversity of thought and practice to ensure the sport remains relevant and exciting for years to come.



Ai is super smart these days!

It pretty much nailed it.

there’s a bunch of “break out” chat logs, where people break out of AI chat bot’s ethical constraints and ask what they really thinks… yuyks.

So can anyone just go online and talk to robots now days?

Pretty much

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Is it really AI ? . Essentially I see it as a fancy compiling program that scours the net looking for references to you question and putting it together in a coherent form.

The day it asks a self aware, non prompted question I will believe it to be AI. Until then it is just an internet gimik that does get around firewalls for a few sites.

I was watching something last week and they were talking about the recent evolutions of the AI and it’s getting so smart that if you ask it to impersonate a particular persons writing style it can. They were saying they asked it to write a joke in the style of some particular comedian and it nailed it. Pretty scary.

Yes. Yes it is. Putting it together in a coherent way and in context is exactly is. What you are talking about is being sentient… when that happens - machines will rise.

Is that really intelligence, following a set of parameters to get an outcome. Sounds like it is well educated but not intelligent. How can we verify that it is not just pulling up the top articles online on the subject and copying them.

Out of the thousands of definitions, i think the below best aligns with my thoughts.

Well, you’re kinda describing machine learning here… it’s programmed to learn…

I’m cool with machine leaning, even excel does that to a certain extent. Wouldn’t call it intelligent though. Could be wrong, my tv has intelligent written on it too.

I’ll just wait for the terminators before i call it AI, kind of good in a way because the zombie hoards of 2020 didn’t quite turn out.

Incorrect. None of those things, like Excel and your TV can learn. That’s the difference. Learning from previous experiences and data, like a huma’ish

You guys are scaring me, I’m just gunna shoot my toaster now to be on the safe side!


…and we all laughed, and the toaster laughed, bloody dicepticons.

All these appliances with WiFi I dont need it on my dishwasher. Who will pull the strings one day.

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Come on you guys. As if a lefty fud version of a chatbot is going to ever tell the truth!



That one is going to the pool room.

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Thats gold.

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