Why are .303 SMLE Bayonets so expensive?

Just derping around on the internet earlier and looking at SMLE bayonets and wow those things are stupidly expensive. $300+?


They’re not rare (they made even more of them than they did the rifles, and they made 17 million of those), you don’t need a licence or a permit or anything to own them, and there’s still heaps of them about in really good shape.

How the hell did they become worth $300 each? And yes, I know you can get excellent repros for $100, but I’m not asking about them. :slight_smile:


Starya, the arsehole of the logistics flows, that’s why.

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I’m not 100% sure but a heap of our SMLEs ended up in the US when they were decommissioned. Maybe the bayonets got sent too?

So many Australians put a premium on the 303 and that is exploited by sellers. I was talking to gun shop owner about 303s and he said 15 years ago he would four or five at any one time. Not much interest. Then, in the space of six months, people came in and bought them out. Like, some people would come in and buy all that he had.

In contrast, Mk 4 bayonets can be had for under $50. No romance about them.

The thing I find the most crazy is it’s now up 400-500 for a SMLE sporter.

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It’s crazy, isn’t it? Five or six years ago they were somewhere between “Please, you can have it for nothing - just get a PTA and get it out the shop, it’s been here forever” to $150, maybe $200 for a really nice one (that had been professionally sporterised and was in good shape).

Yeah even 303-25’s are soaring in price despite most people not being able to even get ammo for them.

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I think this is a typo.

So many Australian fudds put a premium on the 303 and that is exploited by sellers.

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Mate, Ned Kelly fought under a blue flag at Gallipoli with a 303 so that you could spend your dole money on Woodstock!



I don’t think John malkavitch was in battlestar galactica

Make it 5.

I wonder if that’s regular SMLE owners buying them for parts? Like sure, the barrel’s no good, but everything else there is proper .303 goodness.

I think that with the massive price jump on non spotters people are buying up spotters to rebuild with new stocks as a money making scheme.

Gallipoli was fought under a red ensign surely? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Red_Ensign

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I’m reliably informed the replacement full wood sets which are available (around $480 ea) require a LOT of work to fit properly etc; meaning that buying a random sporter, replacing the wood, and trying to sell it for enough to make the whole exercise worthwhile isn’t a profitable venture.

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Heathens and philistines! :rofl:

On the subject of bayonets, any one have an idea on what a Swiss one is worth. I have one here that I got from a bloke that owed me some cash and couldn’t deliver. It’s in very good nick, ( pretty sure it was made by Victorinox ), but the metal scabbard is covered in surface rust.

I’m no expert but I’d guess between 2-300. Southern Cross Militaria has one for $275. You’d probably say they are usually a little over priced.

Of course it also depends on the maker, age, issued Vs unissued etc etc.

Speaking of which.


Gun ~ $300’ish.
After market stock ~ $135 inc. post.

Mmmmm, nope. Also looks like the barrel on that one has been shortened.

Plus its the wrong stock so the fit is looser than my mum