Who has a UTV / side by side

Just wondering who has a UTV. Wondering how you have set up your spotlight and gun racks


Nobody hey…


I was going to ask what the point really is when you need to tow it there so why not just shoot from a Ute? But then I keep posting pics of my Ute bogged so I guess I should just shut up, Lol!


Nice little machine. I would really like one for my place sometimes.

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Yeah I need to tow it, and that’s a PITA. I’ve been thinking on this purchase for a couple of years now, I can afford it at the moment so I went ahead with it. Only had it out once so far but it’s already gone up wet slippery hills without even leaving anymore sign than bent over grass tracks where my hilux would have made it but not without chewing the ground up and making a mess. I can see this easily going places I wouldn’t point my hilux. I nearly bought a quad, but this can take my son (or someone else) and I comfortably, and I won’t be worrying about my boy falling off his motorbike hours from help… I’ll still be walking to do a lot of my hunting, but I reckon this will get a lot of use.

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What about the scabards that they make for bikes etc, the hard plastic ones?

Yeah I’ll probably put one on behind the cab, I’m mostly looking at ideas for in the cab, something where I can put a rifle for spotlighting that will be quick and easy to get too but safely out of the way. Looking for feedback on what people have tried and how they found it too work

Could you do a central mount that the gun can rotate on. I am thinking something like the mount that they use on the back of utes to mount a M60. Scale it down to something like Tripods people are using nut if you make it it wouldnt need to be a tripod.