Who has a red dot, what is it and how do you like it?

Hi gents, struggling with red dot choice, i’m torn between another sig sauer romeo 4 a burris fast fire 3 and a vortex venom or an aimpoint but they’re $$ and i don’t know if its worth the extra? Who here runs what?

Cheap $20 red dot on 45-70 (but I put a scope on it now)
Cheap $20 one on 7625

All work fine :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s it for, @AusTac?

P.s. I’d think that they are all much of a muchness, mate. Not the same for reflex sights, but cheap red dots work just fine. The only difference is what they are going on and how much recoil they will have to take. That’s where quality matters. With that in mind, personally I’d get a Vortex. I like thier stuff and they have lifetime unlimited warranty. If you’re putting it on a hard recoiling gun, that’s pretty hard to beat at the price point, looks and quality.

Brett showed my some cheapies as well, but i’m a little weary, of their mounts and what not, its for the 500, i’m torn between a reflex or normal style red dot, not many shops have both, im after the smallest profile i can get you’ve held the gun would be a real to put a heavy scope on for a cal that doesn’t really need it, i did weigh up a vortex strike eagle which seemed like a red dot with variable zoom, but didn’t like the AR dedicated reticle

Take a look at Leupold 1-4 scopes. I think they would go really well on it.

This is the one I’m referring to:
On my gun: https://ozgunlobby.com/uploads/default/original/2X/1/1b379dcf31ecb4fefc90360a271dcc1c643e7e13.jpeg

Model: https://www.leupold.com/scopes/shotgun-scopes/vx-hog-1-4x20mm

It’s more like 1.5, not 1 though. So so in low light, but for big bore thumpers, I recon it’s pretty good.

Personal preference, of course, but if it was me, I’d go with this rather than a red dot. Price wise, brands you’ve mentioned would be in the same ballpark.

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That’s the hog plex reticle, but there are a few models with that spec and external look afaik

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If ya looking for a small compact red dot have a look at the trs-25 from Bushnell. I’ve got one on the 30/30 and can’t fault it. Very light and compact.:+1:

Anyone thats interested, i had the opportunity to look at various aimpoints, a steiner MRS bushnell’s and holosuns, i ended up just buying another Sig romeo 4a for now, but may get a vortex venom down the line as i can use the sig on other guns, the sig was $495 and the closest aimpoint was $750 didn’t see why you’d pay the extra money for the absoloute base aimpoint besides for the name

@AusTac, Just seen that Cleavers have the Vortex Venom 3 moa on special for Christmas at $365.

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You sir are a bloody legend!

I wouldn’t go quite that far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Went for @1Fatman suggestion and snapped up a vortex venom for $365 came in the mail today, going to make the pea shooter a little more accurate i reckon merry chrimbo gents

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Nice, got to love an early Christmas present.

Listen to your mom No shooting in the house. :rofl:

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