Who gets into fly fishing here?

I do over summer when it’s too hot to hunt.
Weapon of choice.
Rod, 5WT, 9 foot, Orvis Helios 2.


Still dry fly fishing on the Kiewa, West Kiewa and Mitta Mitta Rivers. Great season so far, plenty more to come.

I tie most of them with a Renzetti vice.

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Those foam hoppers are HUGE…

They look like they’d work. Might tie you some of my NEC and see how you go with them…

I copied them from someone else. They work. Hoppers are still useful. The nymphs will come out soon. Water is getting very cold.

I dabbled for a very short period of time. Bugs me that there are size and bag limits for an introduced pest that we should be chasing with sticks of dynamite or rotenone

JS, we really need a shiiit stirring icon.

Fly fishing for brown and rainbow is worth a lot of money in N/E Victoria and the cod eat them. So it’s pretty good for everyone I reckon. Carp are the main problem up here.

I agree with trout being feral… Vic had no bag and size limit until relatively recently.

Yeah I know it’s a big $ industry and that’s fair enough. But that doesn’t magically make trout good for the ecology of our river systems (irrigation is good for our economy too and we absolutely need to grow food, but that doesn’t make irrigation good for our rivers). Food availability is a relatively long way down the list of limiting factors for Murray cod and trout cod (or any native freshwater fish actually). Structural habitat availablity, hydraulic habitat, and longitudinal and lateral connectivity are the really big issues. The energy that trout, carp, red fin etc eat to grow, would be available to be funnneled through small bodied natives if the introduced species were eradicated.


Doesn’t worry me if the trout disappear. I’ve got a 9WT fly rod to handle the cod and baitcasting gear.


I’m starting to again after a 15 year break. Only carp so far

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Good to see, it’s a nice change from shooting. The older I get the more I enjoy it. Pretty frustrating at first, getting the hang of the casting. But I now catch far more trout on a fly than I ever did chucking worms or lures around. Murray cod seem to like them too. I use a 9WT rod for them. 5WT rod for trout.

@Bent_arrow I’ll look into it. Next time, ‘@’ and username if you want someone’s attention, saw this by a chance.

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