Who dabbles in some leatherwork

Does anyone here dabble in a bit of leatherwork? If so pictures please! ( kinky bedroom leather excluded )
I decided i needed an inside hobby besides Netflix so I’ve just done my first saddle stitch last night :joy: it ain’t much but it’s a start!

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@juststarting photos are messed up! Won’t led me upload like usual from my phone :rage:

Might want to fix the image, @AusTac. And I would have thought that the bedroom stuff would be the first thing you’d want to see. I guess you’re boring like that.

I made a set of mittens out of some roo skin. They didnt fit the best but were very warm and water snow proof. I just used the sewing machine.

If you hurry up and pull your finger out and get your firearm licence sorted you can start reloading as your inside hobby :laughing: :rofl:

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My brother in law had a tobacco pouch made from a Roos nutsack, after a while he decided he didn’t like the fur & had a brainwave to shave it for a more “leather look” but once he did he realised it looked way too much like a blokes nutsack so had to bin it :rofl:

Ive made a couple of them they are really hard to get the balls out especially without damaging the skin. Then they are not as as big as I would have liked. I stretched them out with steel ball bearings that I had for a slingshot a long time ago. That worked well but still a bit on the small side.

His must’ve been from the John Holmes of roos because it was a pretty impressive sized nutsack. It was a long time ago & i could be wrong but i’m sure he used to stuff about half a pouch plus his Tallyhos in it.

I’ve got a roo sack somewhere that I wanted to keep shot in for the .64 BP

Many moons ago I spent some time with our town saddler, he taught me how to sew and other basics. I grew up with horses, both saddle and harness, and have made a fair bit of gear over the years,
made my first saddle when I was 18, still got it although I don’t ride anymore. Here 'tis…

Another one I made for the missus to fit her Arab stallion

Still do a bit, mostly sheaths for the knives that I make.


Leather is good stuff to work with. I dabble a bit with slings and pouches and belts.

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Yep, working for me


Cool things like this? Ammo belts??


A guy in the US, is sending me one of these for my 357 cadet…Lots nicer than the elastic shit on Ebay…

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Damn you guys are talented!! Puts me to shame :joy:

Some tools i use and stuff I make


Love the Mick Dundee sling mate!! Nice work.

Love your work Jizz…where do you get your supplies, tools etc…??

Wanted a new sheath for this forest scandi, not perfect but turned out usable


That’s a lot nicer than just “usable”.

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I dont but I would like to one day…where does one get the tools of the trade??? Horse saddle places??

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