Who carries a first aid kit in their shooting bag?

Last week I came back from a little holiday and just moved first aid kit from car back into my bag (we drive reasonably far and in a pinch like to be self reliant). And I had a random thought… So, who here carries one in their shooting bag and what is it? I don’t mean a booboo kit either, more like - oops, I have an extra orifice kind of kit. Since I shoot alone more often than not, I tend to have one pretty close by.


This is something i grab or have close whenever i go out it contains

A swat T tourniquet - not ideal but better than nothing, i do have softt - w ( legit tourniquet simlar to a Cat tourniquet) but its a bitch to carry and often gets left behind this swat t will buy time at least

Quik clot - guaze with clotting agent

Bandaids - because well sometimes you just need a bandaid and they take up minimal space

Hyfin chest seals to seal up a sucking chest wound

A pair of gloves - squashed inbetween chest seals i must admit i forgot about them being there

A small H pressure bandage - small enough to do the job but you’d want something else pretty quick

And a TCCC card basically just some paper to write down time of tourniquet application - probably wouldn’t get used to be honest

Then i’ve got some more comprehensive kits in the car and others that can compliment this. Its something that can actually be carried and i know how to use all the contents

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I run this one in my shooting kit. They also have lots of good content about using the equipment too. Got myself a training tq and Israeli bandage for precocity (practising) application.

Tasmanian Tiger TT Tac Pouch
Israeli Trauma Bandage
SOFTT-W Tourniquet
Hyfin Compact Chest Seal Pair
Disposable CPR Face Shield
2x Pairs of XLarge Black Talon Gloves
Casualty Card
S/S Shears
Sharpie Permanent Marker
QuikClot Combat Gauze

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Yeah, similar here… Can never have enough gloves though! They have a tendency to rip when trying to put on a pair fast and in panic lol

And this is how it normally looks.

With our club being over 1 hour from the nearest ambulance substation, a couple of us decided to get proper kit. Would suck having to sit around watching someone bleed out if it could have been prevented with a $40 tq.

That’s pretty much the same shit, I just bought individual components and I don’t do pouches, rather have something that can be torn open. God forbid you have to use it, it’s all going to be messed up anyway. And a tone more gloves, because yeah, they rip.

I’ve got a pretty good first aid and snake bite kits in the car and i figure my car’s with me 99% of the time if i’m shooting so i don’t actually have a kit in my range bag. What i don’t have is a dedicated trauma kit in case of a proper “oh fuck” event.
I think i’ll get in touch with that Tacmed mob @Gregfiddich mentioned and back order (oline shop is sold out atm) one of those IFAK kits.

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I really should have something, i have fairly extensive first aid training, but currently all i really have is another bullet :sweat_smile:
I have a great kit in my old ute but thats parked 1600km away at my other house.
I need to pull my finger out and put something together before i start hunting again. The couple of State Forests I have picked out for deer have virtually no phone signal and I mostly hunt alone.

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A PLB might be a good idea too, i got one years for when out on the ski or dirt bikes or remote 4wding, but i take it if going out bush or hunting too. Handy in a worst case scenario, just flick the switch and wait for the cavalry, it wont help if you bleed out in the meantime though lol.

Yeah that would be pretty nifty. I’m not to concerned with bleeding out, my main considerations out bush are snakes, broken legs or my back fucking out again.

@jss watch out for soft tourniquets. Ok to apply on someone, not so easy to do one handed on yourself.

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I run softt , my mate has cat. I can get the softt on each extremity one handed and tightened. It’s about having it staged correctly. And if you are applying it to someone else then it’s even easier with how it clips together. You can just go around the limb instead of sliding it over. You can split a cat but you need to run it back through the buckle once you have.

Watch all the vids and find the one that suits you best. Buy genuine, they aren’t that expensive. Last thing you want is a broken windlass or shitty Velcro.

And get a practice one.

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That, 100%

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