Which type of scope is your favourite?

How about a scope with 2.5mm per click @100m to really give your brain a proper workout :grin:

Do you mean 1/10 MOA adjustments or 0.025 mil adjustments. My NF comp is in 1/8 MOA and yes the 0.1 mil is a bit big really but smaller is a brain fart.

Nope…1 click = 2.5mm or 0.25cm @ 100m

Not really sure how to do a box test. Will look into it and try it out soon.

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Well i’m only a hunter and pest shooter ,I have a Swarovski z3 with etched reticle on my 7mag and a ziess on my 22-250 it would be hard to find a difference between either they both have v’good glass so i’d say both are my besties i’d buy either one for a spare scope

Purrfect for those pesky pussies up the back paddock…

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@Field_Marshal_Cinque The easiest way to describe it is to setup a target at 50m and zero your scope so that all of the shots hit the middle of the target. Replace that target with a new one and fire 5 shots into the bull.
Then adjust your scope down 10 clicks and right 10 clicks, fire 5 rounds.
Then go up 20 clicks and fire 5 rounds.
Then 20 clicks to the left and fire 5 rounds.
Then go down 20 clicks and fire 5 rounds.
Then go 10 clicks to the right and up 10 clicks and fire 5 rounds. If the scope is good the last 5 rounds should hit in the bull and your zero will be right back to where it was at the start.

This is the basic explanation, watch the below clip for a better one. Starts at 7.00 minutes.

Each time you fire 5 rounds keep aiming at the center.


Finally got out and did a box test with the Vortex Diamondback tactical. Set the target up at 50 metres followed @1Fatman s instructions. Here are the results

There was a orange sticker in the middle of the target but it fell off. 5 shots on each corner and 10 in the middle. Not the best shooting on my part but it seems to go back to zero. I did the test twice and got pretty similar results.


Good to see it worked out well.
I will be sighting mine in tomorrow at the range after the comp and if I get time will do the box test as well.

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Doesn’t look too bad at all. Better than the results on mine.

Looking at that target either the scope isn’t level or you didn’t level the rifle…

Thanks @Brett will check it out. Could it be that the target and bench were not straight either?

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Yeah most likely the target is not level. The main reason I like to shoot round targets :grinning: I never take a level out to the paddock to level a target then the lines on the target also get confusing in relation to the scope reticle which will be level.

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When you leveled the scope did you eyeball it from the shoulder? This would explain the clockwise skew of the groups if then shot off a rest or bipod. Doesn’t matter a rats ass if used at hunting distances but becomes more critical as distance increases. Looks like the scope is tracking well and the distances are similar so job well done :slight_smile:

I levelled it up but looks like I may need to have another go at it.