Which bulletfeeder for dillon XL650 pistol?

Okay pistol slingers. If you have a 650/750 and a casefeeder, but want to load 38spl, which bullet feeder is the one?

This is the one you need,

They work a treat, just pick the calibre that you want and it will ship with the right goodies.

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3 options.

  1. what @1Fatman posted above.
  2. Mini Mr Bullet Feeder, on budget it works perfectly fine, but you will outgrow it very fast
  3. 3D printed open source one (you will still spend sub-AUD200 on parts like dropper assembly, chute, die and motor, but better than $700-800)

That’s about all the options you got, other than hand feeding bullets.

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Something else to keep in mind, you will be going pretty fast with bullet feeder, so you want to (NEED TO) consider:

powder check alarm system ($100ish). This will eat one station, so you will be left with one station - and 2 operations, seat and crimp.

For rimmed cartridges, roll crimp with standard die is fine, but with rimless you will need taper crimp and that will lead you down the path of ‘DAA 2-in-1 Seating and Crimping’ die (DAA 2-in-1 Seating and Crimping Die - Double Alpha Academy).

If you are using case feeder and bullet feeder, you absolutely want to have a powder check alarm system.

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