Where to get bluing salts

So I’m looking at restoring 4 or more firearms, I’ll be getting them hot blued & I’ve just been informed the price of bluing salts has changed from $100/20L (3 years ago) to $400/20L today by my gunsmith. He reakons 20L should do about 4-6 firearms. Does anyone know where to get bluing salts or has sourced some bluing salts recently at a reasonable price in Australia?

I got a solution made by a guy in Geelong. Found him in a round about way. Can find his contact if you want. But that solution has acid and can’t be mailed.

Yeah I’m looking for something local ie. SE QLD. Or some that can be posted to us… cheers but…

I bought just the solution
BOCONC500 Black Oxide Solution SMALL 500mL



From http://www.caswellplating.com.au/store/store.php/categories/black-oxide-or-parkerizing

The sealant I read is just a light oil people have been using anything from WD 40 not my idea of of oil to other much heavier oils. I mixed some regular car oil with mineral turps to make a light but good oil.

I did give it a glass bead before hand using a SCA bead blaster gun with fine glass beads not grit probably not really necessary. I did give the parts a good soak in some cleaner greaser in the Ultra sonic helped remove some hard to get at gunk.

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