Where Can I Shoot?

Hey all,

I’m in Vic and under the current medical procedure mandates I’m not allowed to use the range.

I’m not against medical procedures, however several people I know have had heart rates over 180 since having the second procedure and 2 now have life long heart conditions. Personally myocarditias scares me more than a mild cold.

Anyway, I only got my license in July and I haven’t been able to shoot since these mandates came in. I was wondering if there’s anywhere I can go? Is it against the rules to set up a target and shoot on public hunting land?

Hopefully Dandrew’s ridiculous bill doesn’t pass and the mandates go out the window, but I’m looking for a back up plan to legally shoot incase they don’t.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


You’ll get a few different answers… I used to find a state forest, and ’ sight in ’ my rifle quite often, you’ll want to go deep in the bush out of the way with a positive back stop be aware of what’s behind you ( houses and roads etc ) , I’ve never been bothered or had any issues. If you’re bringing a .22 or something similar make sure you’re ’ sighting in 'or ’ hunting rabbits/pests ’ you can get a peice of paper from depi or whatever they call themselves this week, saying you intend to hunt vermin on crown land which will cover you in the very small chance you do get challenged. If you’ve got over a .270 out bush you’ll want a deer license, this was just what I did though, right or wrong…

I’ve had some other hunters be a little cagey generally not the best of social skills some of them, but just be polite and courteous to anyone and everyone you come across, especially about the noise, just move on if asked its not worth the grief , be careful of the ’ populous place ’ law something along the lines if don’t discharge or possess a firearm in a populous place ( just incase you come across bushwalking Karen’s) And safety safety safety, bad shit happens on the farm and in the bush. Also don’t wreck the joint shooting cans and rubbish, there’s enough of that out there already.