When will all shooting organisations work together?

Well, Im frustrated,

Not knocking anyone, but when will ALL of you get your act together and work together?
There are a lot of members in that bunch and Ill bet Ive forgotten a few.

Divided we fall…why?

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@Oldbloke 100% agree… Everyone seems to be looking out for themselves. Divided we fall…

Our official stance is we’re happy to work with all the other pro-shooting organisations :slight_smile:


Yes I think that is a good approach but it has to be likewise with the other groups but up till now it has mostly been each for their own and this is not beneficial to anybody I presume this is what Oldbloke means so its good to see the Shooters Union putting in an effort but also each party has to reach out to each other or it will stay a divided situation in my opinion

I joined the ssaa in 96 in the hope they would step up to the mark and represent all the others. I resigned in frustration a couple of yrs sgo. We need an umbrella organisation to take the lead. IMO everyone is currently feathering their own nests. Sorry but thats how i see it. Its human nature.

I have no issue with sensible firearm regulation. We need that. I have issues with stupid regulations.

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You left off quite a few, there is also the small bore bodies, the NRAA and Shooting Australia and probably a few more.

I have noticed the same thing with ex service organizations, a great amount of the pool of Monroe’s available for veterans services is being chewed up printing 37 different letter heads, with each organisation trying to out compete each other for funding. Dont get me wrong they are all trying to do the right thing for the diggers but there seems to be so much distrust and sensless division.

I think this is probably the case for most aspects of life really

It’s the same for any party without a single unifying leadership system. Its not even a case of divided we fall; we haven’t even stood up yet.
My Dad was heavily involved in a political party. One of those faceless men behind the scenes. The task of keeping the various wings and factions held together behind a leader was overwhelming and the whole show was ready to burst open at the seams at any moment. Its a massive task that requires simply, a heck of a lot of money and absolute lies. The result though, is access to power over everything.
If those parties above mentioned were able to unite you would have a new paradigm in the Australian political landscape.

How much money do you have and do you mind selling your soul?

I agree with this idea. In the meantime, I have joined most of the pro gun lobby groups listed here, a few of them for life.

Im enjoying reading this topic. Its good to talk about this.

Every said organisations was established because of regulation, Until we work as one to “legally” undermine regulation we will reach no common goals.
@JizzFlinger 100% Just because free is in the word freedom does not mean that it doesn’t come at no cost. but I’ll sell my soul for it!

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