When physics plays tricks.

This is a target I shot with my Winchester 92, 357mag. At 100m , reasonably on target. Obviously some horrendous keyholing going on here. W…T…F!
Near new rifle, factory ammo.
Fired one more shot. Saw the dust kick up about 5 metres in front of target then managed to plonk it on paper.

What are the odds of bouncing 4 rounds into a 6 inch circle at 100m, including two bullseyes?

Anyway I adjusted my sights and put some nice round holes in there. Bit of a strong wind blowing left. Just thought I would share.

Edit: maybe the fourth went top right.

Edit: on reflection it may be 5 shots and I totally ment it. Trick shot.


I was looking at the target, before I read the post and thought that it’s something bouncing into it… None look 357 keyholes :slight_smile:

However, I applaud your skill. And now, for your next trick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJTXpItCqFU

I too have a target, however, unlike your fancy Jedi bouncy bullets tricks, I took a more direct approach and just hailed lead until it looked like I meant it hehehehe

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Now that’s just pure skill! :rofl:

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