Whats your zombie gun choice?

So as we can all probably agree the zombie apocalypse is more a matter of when as apposed to if. If TV has taught me anything the police and Army will soon be over run and we’ll be left to fend for ourselves.

So whats you’re zombie busting gun gunna be?

I’m torn between a .22 for maximum ammo carry and a 12ga for maximum zombie killing power and ease of aiming.


I was hurt when you made fun of it in the other thread :disappointed_relieved:

However when I make mine it wont have the full barrel shroud all the way to the muzzle. That is just extra weight. Red dot sight.

It’s a tough choice but a sporter .303 for me, with bayonet fitted of course :sunglasses:, simple, tough as nails, ammo all over the world, enough punch to put stuff down, easy to shoot, and can be used as a club/pointy stick if no ammo

I’d take whatever i could get though, except maybe a between a carcano and a stick, if push comes to shove, i’m rolling with the stick.

My 18" O/U shotty, followed by a choice of the thunder makers - 91/30 or/and 577-450, with bayonets attached, of course.
Marlin 44MAG - because I have style.
Henry 357MAG - because I have style and I feel like making @Supaduke jealous
Heavy 308 for intermediate work.
45-70 - because I can and why not, seems like ideal Zombie dispatcher!

…and a small supermarket trolley for getting this shit around.

Oh and my 7615 tactical (yes, I do own one, f*ck you everyone, it’s tacticool and awesome) - but only after I fix it, because Remington…

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Has everyone seen the episode on Mythbusters devoted to zombies. They tested several ways of killing them and the zombies leathality. They also tested the strength a group of zombies has. It was quite amazing very much like a crowd when they all move on mass in panic mode.

Taking all that into account I want to keep my distance so its a longer range weapon but must be able to put down a lot of fire due to the herding nature of zombies.

I’m thinking I’d go with my Adler for its rapid fireyness!

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This would tick the box for me :grinning:… Would be pretty handy in a crowed area full of zombies :wink:

But… If the only option is what we are allowed to own, then we need a plan to all meet up somewhere to enable similar fire power (with regards to outbound lead)… :sunglasses:


I reckon my 94/22 simply for the 15 shot capacity for longer distance the .243 as ammo is readily available.

I might have to start up a business, “Zombie Outreach Program” or maybe “Zombie Control Unit”, so i can get some catD firearms for the APOCALYPSE. something short, high rate of fire and capacity and easy to control. There’ll probably be a few Lithgow F90s lying about. 20" barrel with grenade launcher would come in handy. Set up with reflex sight.
I’ll keep my 7mm08 for longer work and get one of these street glocks that, according to some, are available at every corner store.
Then I’d need a good sturdy tommy ax, a short sword like a wakisashi and various knives.

Shit. I better start getting in shape to carry all that crap every time i go to the pub for a beer!!! :drooling_face::astonished:


Something like this would be a good backup to the other one I put up… Its outfitted with four flashlights, three lasers, and nine 30-round magazines attached :sunglasses: :rofl:


:sunglasses: :beers:


One zombie’s getting blown apart :joy: the rest can form a orderly but slow moving line


I’m thinking select fire Glock 10mm with 100 round drum mag for my primary and a Mossberg “Mariner” S/S pump action 12ga as a secondary. Those along with a pair of Katana swords would do me fine…and maybe a chainsaw.

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If you get them to line up first you can probably shoot them all in one go.


I could take a course in Project Management, that would essentially render me brain dead and of no interest to Zombies.


I guess that free wifi should help keep them orderly while waiting in line mate… :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::beers:

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Makes me think little kids are running this forum?

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Mods are definitely immature.

Yeah, if i was a grown up id be kind of boring!

Not running the forum mate, but… Personally I Identify as a Big Kid. RAZ. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::beers:

I know you are but what am I?