Whats your biggest catch in a pig trap?

This is my 2nd biggest catch in a trap at one time. Totalling 15.

19 is my biggest but that was in the 80s (when we didn’t have camera phones)


wow, I’ve never seen a pig trap.
does it have a one way door?

PS. good work mate!

Yeah one way funnel entrance, like a heart shape kinda.

Good info on the below website


cool, its just like a big dry yabby trap!

Good job, can’t beat a good old weld mesh trap. We use to make ours in the shape of a 6 with the door where the 2 meet.

I worked on a station up near the Archer river and we’d get a dozen or more every night in the trap and then shoot at least three or four as well.
Quick tip … Brumby works really well to bait with.(if ya can get one :grinning::beers:

You can have the one here for bait, I’m not sure if palamino arsehole counts as brumby or not but I’m willing to share!

It’s the wifes😎

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Ya really don’t like that horse hey!!!

What gave you that idea?

Call it “intuition” :rofl: