What's up with Carcano hate?

So on the back of another post, I wonder, why do people begrudge the Carcano?

I know, there is a solid contingent of people who don’t read so well and use the wrong projectiles, giving it bad reputation for accuracy. However, I was plinking with correct projectiles and had no issues hitting things. Other than that, I think it’s a neat piece of history. Just shows, that you don’t need a tacticool rig to take out a president lol

Other than that, the Forgotten Weapons has a really good episode on it, discussing model evolutions and design decisions, which really made it a more modern solid rifle for that day and age. I think it makes a pretty good addition to iconic milsurp collections.

So… Educate me, why the disdain?

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Got handed one to use and it looked like it was carved out of a fence post and shot like one too, rounds wouldn’t load into the poxy magazine and over all it just seemed the best option would be to use it as a club on any animal or target i was going to attempt to shoot at

Reminds me of a joke… But I am not going to say it here hehehe

I think it’s a bunch of things.

Firstly, it’s the perceived inaccuracy which comes from the wrong ammo being sold.

Secondly, they were sold cheaper than almost any other rifle which gave the perception that they must be shit. They were then treated like shit which means many today are shit.

Finally, the Italian military didn’t have a good reputation in WW2 and that, plus the fact they were an enemy, plus a big dose of racism, meant people didn’t have a good perception of anything Italian after the war.

I think they look cool and are a neat, handy rifle. I haven’t shoot one however but have one waiting for in the near future.

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I for some reason thought you bought one?

I own a cavalry carbine which is in rough shape and so I’ve never fired it. I’d need to source some light loads for it I think.

I’ve recently put money down on a 91/38 which is in very good condition and will be a shooter.


I love mine, but sadly the barrel is badly pitted. I bought it from a member of my club too! People on used gun sites are more genuine it appears. So might have to buy another…have clips, and loading gear.


There’s a detailed thread here on reloading for Carcano, a couple actually… Take a look, @MaxJon - especially about the shell holder and expander ball in the dies. May need to be replaced.

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Not too fussed about my dies at present. I will have to buy another Carcano with a good barrel, if there’s such a thing. I ve invested in clips and brass, they need to be shot haha…Its a challenge to get a president killer running let alone shooting. But I’m willing to have a go…

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This is literally the only reason why I own one. Iconic for one reason lol

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Purely infamous! Try getting one running with the stripper clips, it’s a challenge. The last one nearly always hangs up, should have been 5 shot clips haha! Nearly as hard to run an 8 mm French Berthier with 3 shot clips, but a mate still gets 10 shots out in 50 seconds in the rapid match. Starts off with one in his mouth haha!

Hickok45 has a good video dedicated to one. He goes through all the details of the gun used and how the one he has on the video at least is identical in every way and made at nearly the same time.

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So does Forgotten Weapons

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Interested to see if they get a bump in interest at all since Ian at Forgotten Weapons did his little series on them. They are by far the cheapest milsurps available today.

Mine is a 1940 Terni, the very same rifle and vintage used in Dallas 1963. I might try some .264 bullets in the rough barrel, some shot .264 bullets well…I doubt mine will. I best go something cheap lol